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Help me be brave

My stash includes a variety of used and new. (I have more than I need but a majority of the used I got free from generous internet friends.)

2 new seconds Flip covers
1 new snap thirsties cover
5 new bum cheeks
9 new one size FB & BG 4.0

2 used Rumparooz newborn covers
7 used NB sandys Fitteds
5 used sm bummis covers
24 used newborn Green Mountain prefolds
12 used small yellow edge Green Mountain prefolds
8 used thirsties covers
3 used kawaii NB fitted

Im terrified of messing things up in the wash.

The used has obviously been prepped so I just need to wash them but the new will need to be prepped.

I really want to make my own detergent, Ive seen the recommended recipes. An equal parts mix of borax and washing soda and oxy cleaner. Ive never used powdered detergent- any tips or tricks.Is this recipe okay?

Am i being dumb should i just buy detergent- what kind there are so many choices and ive read issues & reviews of so many they blur. 

 Any advice would be great - I just need you to tell me to be brave & kick me in the butt to finally prep things!  I'm getting anxious!


*edit also what should i wash together & what shouldn't I ?


Re: Help me be brave

  • I don't know what bum cheeks are but everything else you can wash together.  All your natural cotton items are used and already prepped.   The rule of thumb is:  Natural fibers, cotton, bamboo, and hemp must be washed 5 or so times (some say 3 others say 7 or more) to remove the oils off of the material to get them fully absorbent, and this wash must be separate from your other diapers.   Pockets and synthetic fibers only need to be washed once to remove the manufacturing "dust" off of them.
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  • everything that i have read says that borax is horrible for your CD
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  • I would personally never use a homemade detergent on my diapers.  All three of those ingredients are not recommended on cloth diapers, and will wear down the elastic and PUL quicker than anything else you can do. 

    I use Tiny Bubbles and love it.  If you are looking for something to grab at a store, look for Ecover, BioKleen, or regular Tide. 




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