PSA- tomorrow is National Donut Day — The Bump
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PSA- tomorrow is National Donut Day

And I for one will be celebrating!

Re: PSA- tomorrow is National Donut Day

  • ACOOKACOOK member
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    Oh, thank you for this. I feel the need to come up with excuses to eat donuts and this is the perfect one! I'm very excited!


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  • lavet22lavet22 member
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    I was honestly thinking about taking my boys for donuts today.  This just made my decision easy.  Thanks!!!!   Big Smile
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  • milescmilesc member
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    Awesome, now my Krispy Kremes have a purpose, to celebrate National Doughnut Da of course! Wink
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  • Dangit, it's not today? Because I am eating two huge sugar coated donuts right now haha Embarrassed
  • And it's pay day for us, so I have justification for buying a flat of doughnuts and taking them to work!
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  • Doesn't Dunkin' give away a free donut?
  • That was all the justification I needed to go buy two at lunch.
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