How long does the 6 wk. growth spurt last? I'm dying! — The Bump

How long does the 6 wk. growth spurt last? I'm dying!

So I'm on my second night of getting about 10 minutes of sleep. LO wants to eat every 30 minutes. I don't think my milk supply can keep up with his demand and he gets so pissed after eating for a few minutes and the milk seems to be all drained. I have tried to give a pacifier to hold him over between feedings and he just won't take it. Any suggestions for what to do and how long this is going to last? I am beyond exhausted! 

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Re: How long does the 6 wk. growth spurt last? I'm dying!

  • ours lasted 4-5 days.
  • I feel like all the growth spurts lasted 4-5 days.  I thought the 3 month one was the worst (b/c I was back at work and pumping).

    I would tell my LO, "Thank you!" for helping me with my supply.  It kept my morale up.  The baby is doing what it needs to do to get food.  I appreciated that.

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  • I remember my LO's 6 week growth spurt lasting about 3 or 4 days as well. I couldn't leave the house because everytime I put him down, he would wake up and want to eat again. It was pretty frustrating. Just know that this spurt will not last for ever and your baby is helping your supply.
  • Ours only lasted 1 1/2-2 days.  I always start drinking mothers milk tea when I notice him wanting to eat more.  It helps support your supply and helps you relax(if you like tea).  Hang in there your supply will be up soon.  This time is so hard, but stick with it!  GL

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