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Detergent Question

We have soft to normal water and an HE front loader.  Any recs for detergent?  Also--it needs to be free of scents and dyes.  I am having a hard time figuring out if ones are free of scents and dyes.

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Re: Detergent Question

  • The Diaper Jungle has a great chart rating detergents and lists whether they have enzymes, fragrance, etc. All the best CD detergents are free of that stuff. I'd link but I'm on my phone. Google it and it will comme up!
  • Check out diaper jungles detergent chart like the pp stated. Personally, since you have softer water, I'd recommend Charlies or Tiny Bubbles.  Charlies is an awesome detergent, that works best in softer water, there has been some problems with severe rash when used in hard water.  Its super cheap when purchased in bulk and great for all your laundry so you only have one detergent to use.

    I use tiny bubbles too, it is my favorite for diapers but I have harder water, so I'm scared to use the charlies too often.  But I do use it on my diapers when I have some pretty hard core poo stains on them and magically the charlies takes it away.

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  • We love BumGenius diaper detergent. you can get it for 11 dollars from and free shipping. I have been diapering for 7 months and am still on box #1. also, we have never had any stink or repelling issues! its great!
  • EcoSprout is my favorite for diaper laundry! Works well in both hard and soft water, and the owner is VERY helpful if you have questions/concerns. They have scented and unscented detergent and none of it has dyes in it. If you do some google searching, you can find it for $11-$25 (higher for the big 96oz bags) with free shipping on some sites. DD had a horrible reaction to Rockin Green, but its fine in her clothes so we use that as our clothing detergent and the ES for diapers.
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