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New detergent needed

Ok, so apparently Rock N Green has changed their formula and it seems to coincide with the same time that DS started getting his diaper rash that won't go away.  So please recommend another cloth diaper detergent that works well with hard water and an HE washer.  Thanks.

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Re: New detergent needed

  • nattnnattn
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    We just recently switched from RNG to Lulu's in the Fluff. So far, it's my favorite detergent. We've had stink issues that seem to be going away since we switched. We have VERY hard water and a HE machine. 

  • I have hard water and a FL HE machine.  I use Tiny Bubbles.  You can buy it in bulk from  $60 for 6 boxes, works out to something like .16 cents a load if I remember correctly.
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  • I use BumGenius detergent. I order from and it is about 11 dollars and its free shipping. I have been diapering for 7 months and am still on box #1 and have never had any issues with stink or repelling. I love it!
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