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Low Milk Supply

Suddenly my supply has tanked!  After 6+ months of successful breastfeeding, my breasts do not feel full and I can't even pump an ounce!  I wonder if this is due to my recent onset of my period.  Has anyone else experienced this? 

 I just started taking fenugreek--how long does it take to kick in?  My doctor also wrote me a prescription of reglan which I have not heard great things about.  Has anyone had a good experience with it? 

I'm eating oatmeal and even trying to drink some beer to help.  Any other suggestions?

Thank you!!

Re: Low Milk Supply

  • vaoharavaohara
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    I normally mind my business when it comes to supply questions and taking medications to increase it but if you are already going to take reglan I would suggest Domperidone instead. It doesn't have the side effects of reglan because it does not cross the blood brain barrier. I get mine through inhousepharmacy.biz
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