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Round Ligament Stretching

Anyone else experiencing these delightfully excruciating pains? More times than not when I sneeze I say ouch because it feels like my uterus is tearing in half. Can't wait for labor haha
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Re: Round Ligament Stretching

  • Yes! And so much more stretching to go...
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  • Or when you stand up too fast? GAH!
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  • Ugh. Getting out of bed at night to pee. I stand up wrong at least one of the 75 times I get up. Ouch. 
  • Yup, usually when I get up from lying down.  It's dropped me to my knees once or twice.
  • I had them for 3 days straight, constant, on the left side.  It wasn't even just a sharp quick thing.  I thought I had something wrong with my ovaries or kidneys.  Nope - u/s showed nothing wrong and doc/nurse said it was RLP.  OUCH.  
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    Or when you stand up too fast? GAH!
    Yes!! That's the worst!

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  • OMG tell me about it! When I cough or sneeze I cry because it hurts to badly! But I found that if I'm laying down and I have to cough, rolling onto my side makes it better. Also, if I'm on the couch and I need to stand up, I will roll to my side and then roll off the couch and stand up. This has saved me some aches and pains
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  • ansi29ansi29
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    I'm not sure if it's round ligament but I feel like I pulled my groin and for the past 3 weeks it has hurt to walk.  I'm heading to the chiropractor this afternoon and hopefully they can fix me! 


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  • Yeah the standing up is the worst. I now stand up like a very old person. I get up bent over then slowly stand up straight. It's funny all the looks people give you :).  I think the worse thing though is the tight upper ab muscles.  My upper ab muscles get so tight if i'm sitting on the couch a certain way or when I move the wrong way. I'm having to lay down more often on the couch just to let the muscles relax and stretch out. Anyone else getting that?
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  • It's a scary pain sometimes! I had tears in my eyes after a sneeze the other day, yikes.

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