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older babies and CD

I'm considering switching to CD, but was wondering: when LO gets older and starts crawling, learning to walk, getting into EVERYTHING.. do they keep snug and everything in?
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Re: older babies and CD

  • I've never had a problem. NEVER had a poop escape issue. :) and I've had leaking issues as they've gotten older but only because Ive needed to adjust the number/type of inserts I was using to contain all their pee. 

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  • They fit better. When LOs pee and poop is sposies they sag and CD don't!
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  • The only time we've had a leak with our CD's is when I've left the diaper on for over 2.5 hours and the insert is saturated. If anything I think that our diapers fit better now then they did when she was younger.
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  • Yes cloth can keep up with my 17 month toddler running and climbing on everything. Changing him every 2.5-3 hours and as soon as he poops. No problems here!
  • Yes, everything is contained.  CDs have elastic, which conforms to the body and its movement and keep everything in.  TBH, whenever I've had to use a sposie on DD I'm always super paranoid that something is going to leak out because they're just so flimsy.
  • My CD's are much snugger and fit way better when wet than a sposie. I've picked up DS from grandma's house with a peed in diaper and even with a small amount, it was already hanging down so that a poo could probably get out.
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