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Plugged Duct - how quickly does it resolve itself?

So, I think I have a plugged duct - hard lump on my right breast which definitely just formed today. Makes sense, since I was away from my daughter for the first time today - I tried to keep up by pumping, but even when I saw her this evening she just seemed to be snacking and probably didn't empty the breast completely.

 I'm pumping now and plan on pumping again before I go to bed around 10 - any idea how quickly these things work themselves out? Is pumping or nursing often the best way to make it better? LO has been sleeping really good stretches lately (knock on wood...), and I'm hoping to not have to set an alarm to get up and pump again tonight!!


Re: Plugged Duct - how quickly does it resolve itself?

  • mine took about three days to get better
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  • clogged ducts at most have taken 2-3 days to resolve (usually longer if it happened in the middle of the work week, and i didn't have as many opportunities to nurse like on the weekend). nursing is by far the most effective. i've gone to bed with the start of a clog, woke up with it hurting so badly, then DS nurses and it's completely gone.

    heat, massage and pumping while you're away from LO will help, but nurse as much as you can as soon as you can.

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  • Hot showers, massaging it toward the nipple while nursing or pumping, most effective thing by far is to nurse your daughter with her chin pointing toward the lump and let her pacify on it.  My DS can work out a clogged duct when pacifying in about 20 minutes.  Hurts like a mofo, but once he gets it loose (and he nearly drowns ha ha) the relief is instant... then it's just tender for a day or two, so I make sure to keep it clear with lots of nursing on it.
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