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Saw my first pregnant friend today

I have actually been kind of shocked with how I have been handling this nightmare. I guess we are just so busy right now what with moving and whatnot. But I have not had a ton of time to really go through my loss. My sister just had a baby on mother's day and so I was over at her house today (which is hard, but again I have been pretty functional around my niece despite my sorrow), and a lady dropped by lunch for her. And she's pregnant. I couldn't handle it. I was crying and just wanted to run away. This pregnant lady has been through a heartbreaking SID loss last year so it's not that I was mad at her. But it just reminded me that I was empty. i hurt so much today. It's just so weird to be functional for a few days and then fall down on my face again. I hate it.

EDD 1/31/13, MC May 17. EDD 3/31/13, MC July 26. I miss you so much already my angel loves


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Re: Saw my first pregnant friend today

  • It really is a roller coaster, isn't it?  Ugh... I'm so sorry you had to go through that and I get what you mean that you're not mad at her or anything.  It's just hard.  My niece keeps posting pics of her DD on fb and even though I want to see how much she's grown and whatnot, I just can't bring myself to look at them.  (hugs)
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    I'm so sorry for both of your losses! Mine happened early the morning of May 22nd just a few hours before I was scheduled to go in for my D&C. As you said, it is such a roller coaster. We're moving in a couple weeks as well so I've been keeping busy, but found out today that a friend from college is due just before I would have delivered. Totally lost it today as well. You just never know when those moments are going to hit you, put please know that you are not alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you!
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