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My baby is like the energizer bunny!

Holy cow this baby just doesn't seem to take a break! She is kicking/punching me nonstop! I love feeling her move, but I could really use a break so I can get some rest. Haven't been sleeping well because she is so active especially at night...probably part of the reason I'm so emotional these days.

 Anyone else have an engergizer baby?

Re: My baby is like the energizer bunny!

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    YES!  She moves all day long.  Thankfully she's very quiet at night.  When we go to bed and I'm laying on my back she doesn't seem to enjoy that and kicks a few times, but then she must go to sleep, or move to where I can't feel her.  Typically I don't feel her in the morning until I'm out of the shower and drying my hair.  I'm determined it's because she hates the sound of the blowdryer.

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    Mine is definitely on a schedule.  Her movements are slowly becoming stronger and more noticeable, but still very tickly and light (no hard jabs yet).  I usually feel her in late morning after breakfast, then again in the evening after dinner until about bed time, then again in the wee hours of the morning.  If they say that the baby tends to keep her wake/sleep schedule after birth, it's not a bad schedule to be on.
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    jlh2716jlh2716 member
    Oh my, YES!!! This baby just goes and goes...she's always been a night owl, but the past several days, she's been a total spaz during the day, too--especially if I play music.
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    My MW calls my baby  "wild one" she has to chase him around with the doppler to hear his heart beat.  I feel like he is moving around constantly.
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