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Preemie meeting the family?

I had a late term preemie, at 36 weeks with IUGR weighing 3lbs 15oz 2 weeks ago and she is about to come home from the NICU this week hopefully.

My MIL wants to throw a meet the baby party but im a bit nervous about all the people and everyone wanting to hold her etc.

She was thinking of having the party in July so at least a month from now, what do you think?

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Re: Preemie meeting the family?

  • I also have a late-term IUGR baby (35w, 3lbs 8oz). She came home with just a bit of cold/flu season remaining. After a couple of weeks, we began to bring her into public places (Target, church, etc). The moby wrap has been an absolute lifesaver! I wear her in it, and that prevents people from asking to hold her, as well as keeping most germy hands away. I also carry hand sanitizer and have gotten over my shyness about asking people to wash their hands. I'm not sure if that helps to answer your question. If you do have the party and want a "nice" way to keep people from holding baby, wearing your LO is the way to go! I'd also recommend that whoever sends out invitations should be very clear that anyone who is sick should stay away.
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  • Your little one was born much later than my DD, so it might not be the same for you... but when my DD came home, I didn't want ANYONE to hold her except our immediate family! I was super nervous about her getting sick and having to go back to the hospital. She came home at 34 weeks GA and was about 4lbs and had an apnea monitor... but this was in November and everyone was getting sick. We actually took her to my SIL's house for Thanksgiving, and when the doctor found out we got yelled at!

    I would have the party, but ask that only healthy adults/children attend and minimize how many people touch her. I'm sure everyone will understand! They will have plenty of time to cuddle with her later on!

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  • I have one IUGR and one SGA born at 34w2d. They haven't met extended family yet and probably won't till August at their Baptism... They are due for their second round of vaccines at the end of this month. I would at least wait till the your baby has 1st vaccinations.
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    My DS was 32w3d and born in January a.k.a. the season of sickness.  He spent 30 days in the NICU and he didn't officially meet the family until late April (my parents, sister, and a friend visited separately at home and they were all scared to touch him let alone hold him so that was easy, lol) and even then we were adamant about hand washing and people not touching his hands or face.  Oh, and anyone who might have been sick or exposed to someone who was happily stayed away because they understood the whole if-he-gets-sick-he-will-be-back-in-the-NICU thing.
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