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Potty Training Update!

We are on our third attempt at potty training A. The first time was long before C's arrival and it went okay, but she had several accidents and didn't seem all the interested in pt. The second attempt was right after C came home from the NICU and she did okay, but again had tons of accidents and basically fought us tooth and nail every single morning about pt. Onward to this past weekend, on Monday she demands to wear panties so we let her. She has a small accident in the morning, but we put panties back on. Her and I headed to Target to shop (she was accident free). She wears pull up for nap time and well she's dry after nap time too. We headed to the pool and she wore a swim diaper and tells me when she has to pee. I may or may not of told her if she peed in the pool that a purple ring would surround her. (It's not our pool, but our friends). She had her second accident of the day that evening in the kitchen. 

 Fast forward to Tuesday at daycare, she had FIVE accidents throughout the day and she went through all of her extra clothes. When I went to pick her up she must of peed as soon as I got there because she wasn't happy when she had to wear a diaper home (yup my kid in a t-shirt and a diaper). Last night we got home just panties all evening. She did poop on the potty! YEAH! 

This morning we told her she had one chance to keep her panties dry and if not she was back in diapers for the rest of the day. As of 10:30 she has yet to have an accident. She's also peeing on the potty all this morning. I think her major issue at daycare is that she gets side tracked. 

I'm really hoping she figures out the potty soon because I would like to save on diapers and $10 at daycare if she completely potty trained. 




Re: Potty Training Update!

  • Way to go A!  I think a lot of kids have that problem at DC, they get so wrapped up in what they are doing/playing that they either ignore the feeling they have to go, or don't realize until it's too late.  Which also means that she's having fun at DC!  We have been very slowly moving on the PTing too!
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  • She's getting there!


    I did the Three Day Potty Training with J and it worked out WONDERFULLY! She was potty trained before her second birthday--it's hard work, but it definitely works.

    The jist of it is letting them run with no diaper or panties on and staying in the house for 3 to 5 days--by Day 2, my daughter had it down 90% of the time.


    We also did rewards--a small mint for pee-pee and a big mint for stinky and now we're starting to wean her down to only a mint for stinky.


    She's almost 2 1/2 now and hasn't had an accident in almost 6 months (her last accident was when she was bouncing on the bed and was laughing so hard she peed herself).

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  • Great job Annabelle!! She will be there very soon I think.
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  • Yay!!!  Our hold up was daycare too.
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  • Good for annabelle!! potty training is awesome.

    We have no problem whatsoever at daycare-he has his accidents at home. And he does great with peeing, but refuses to poop on the potty. So he throws a fit when I try to put a pull up on him, and wants to wear his big boy undies, but then he poops in them. when i say "lets go try and poop on the potty" he starts crying like he is afraid to. then he poops in his undies. its getting old.

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  • We did the 3 Day Potty Training with our son in January.  He still has his random accidents.  He does very good at day care.  He has only had one accident there in 5 months.  The 3 Day thing was hard and I didn't think he would get it, but after the three days, he was at day care accident free.

    Our friend recommended the 3 Day Training....she did it a few weeks before us with her daughter.  Her daughter still has problems going poopy in her undies.  I think every child has some quirk with it.

    Our dr. said that she wouldn't be surprised if we came in for his 3 year check up and he still wasn't trained, so at least we are a bit ahead.

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