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Midwife or OB?

We just found out we are pregnant with our first , and my family doctor is suggesting a Midwife.  My gut says a midwife is a bit too granola for me but I'm really not sure.  Does anyone have some thoughts/advice/experience for either?
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Re: Midwife or OB?

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    I am seeing the midwives at a midwife/ob practice. A midwife will deliver if it is a vaginal delivery. A dr is always on standby. A dr along with the midwife, will perform c-section if necessary.

    Maybe you're thinking of a doula being too granola?

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    Congrats. Weigh your options. Do some research. Maybe meet with both. I prefer an ob. But a lot of people prefer midwives. Did you ask your doc why she prefers a midwife?

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    I am going with a midwife.  I like the idea of interventions being at a minimum, but a ob is on standby in case something goes wrong.
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    I say to meet with 1 or 2 of each and see who you are most comfortable with. Are you considering a midwife because you want a natural birth? or because you think you'll have a better relationship with them? You have to figure out what you want from your prenatal care and delivery first. Personally I didn't care if I had a natural birth or not so I chose an OB and I LOVE him. He is a little pushy with interventions but I feel comfortable with him and that mattered more to me. GL deciding.
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    My Dr said she liked the level of care a midwife provides, especially post delivery.

    And maybe I am thinking a Doula might be too granola!  I am going to meet a team of midwives to see what I think! 

    Thanks for the help! 

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    ediloedilo member
    We actually see our family doc who practices OB (small town). She delivered my DS and will be delivering this one as well, unless I end up needing a CS. I really like the laid back, personal care at my doc's office, and the fact that my whole family's medical care takes place with the same practice (except for referrals to specialists, etc.). If I lived in a bigger city, I think I may opt for a midwife, because of this personal care factor, but it would depend on the person you feel most comfortable with. (I loved the OB-GYN I had before I moved out to the country.)
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    I wanted the same midwife my sister did. Midwives are not all hippies with dreadlocks, they are medical professionals with a lot of training. Honestly, I feel more comfortable with my midwife than my OB.
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    There are a couple types of midwives

    CPM -  Certified Professional Midwife

    They are usually free standing (not under a OB).  But some CPMs are. CPMs are certified by NARM (North America Registry of Midwives) narm.org.  They usually do home births, handle low-risk pregnancies, will transfer care to OB or hospital once high-risk.  Some states license them. Some states permit them to practice w/o licenses. And in some states they don't license them and CPMs can't attend births.

    Check out https://www.narm.org for more information.


    CNM -Certified Nurse Midwife

    They are usually are under the supervision of a OB. They usually attend low-risk pregnancies in hospitals, but some can attend home births. (It depends on the laws of the state they practice in.)  CNM are certified by ACNM (American College of Nurse Midwives) acnm.org.

    Check out https://www.acnm.org for more information


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    Midwives generally have OB backup if things get scary, but I would say that if you have anything making your pregnancy out of the ordinary (medical problems, complications, age >35, twins, risks to baby, etc)  then I would transfer to an OB. Otherwise, a midwife is great! But be sure to deliver in a hospital. A home birth is simply irresponsible. 

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    Reyka9Reyka9 member

    I started out with an OB with my last pregnancy and switched to a midwife's care around 14 weeks.  My OB was suggesting c-sectioning me BEFORE I was even pregnant due to a pelvis fracture I suffered a few years earlier.  Plus, the hospital he delivers at has a nearly 50% c-section rate.

    I switched to a midwife because I wanted a natural water birth, and I absolutely loved her.  NOT "granola" at all.  Instead, very motherly and supportive.  She allowed me to have the intervention-free birth I hoped for.

    I had a doula as well, and again, she was not "granola."  She was an incredibly positive, calming presence at a time where both DH and I were slightly panicked. She was able to encourage me during the times when labor got rough, and she knew how to help position me, massage me, etc to make things easier.  I couldn't imagine doing it without her help.

    This time I am planning a home birth, most likely.  Rolling my eyes big time at PP who claimed they are "simply irresponsible."

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    I love the midwives with my ob practice. I was delivered by a midwife last time and appreciated the support and time she gave me. She was calm when baby wasn't picking up on the monitors and they said as long as I was still feeling baby they would just dopple periodically.

    Praying this pregnancy doesn't end up with all the complications they have attached to me and I will deliver with a midwife again. 

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    I had a very rough delivery with DD so I prefer an OB. 
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    I had a doctor with my first and we got an ultrasound with each visit... I loved it cause It made the pregnancy more real........ with my second I decided to go with a midwife but they only did one ultrasound which was horribly hard because in the midst of my pregnancy mood swings It would have been nice to see the little guy to reassure me during the hard times.... Now with the third I know I want a doctor that will show me ultrasounds thru the whole thing.......  
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    You may not be aware that in this country, several decades ago, there was a lot of anti-midwife propaganda to increase hospital business.

    Obviously the following paints OB's and midwives with a very broad brush. But in general:

    OB's approach is to avoid lawsuits and turn over the bed quickly. They have a much higher rate of c-section than do midwives. This makes sense, because they are, in fact, surgeons. It's what they do.

    A Certified Nurse-Midwife is someone who may deliver in a hospital, birth center, or home environment. They are HIGHLY skilled with all manner of vaginal births. They seem to usually have a personal mission to empower women in the labor and delivery process.

    The Business of Being Born is a documentary that is pretty "granola" as far as being home-birth, etc, but it may help to dispel some of those ideas you have about midwives. Before you leap, consider finding out the truth! :)

    Personally, I am a c-section baby. My mom was adamant that she did not want one and that her 2-day labors were normal, but the OB would not have it any other way. He scared her into accepting it. I was very afraid of having control taken away from me in my birthing process, and found myself dreading giving birth as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I switched from an OB to a midwife early on last time, after discovering what it is they really do. I was SOOOO glad I did when it came time to deliver. With my 44-hr labor, I think I definitely would have had a c-section with an OB (who was in the hospital telling the midwife to do more, do more, do more!)

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