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Need some serious help...

I have still not done (and prob am def out now) for first IUI. It is day 28 of my cycle. I took femara cd 3-7 then days 20-25 after I had no response first time. 

 Yesterday (cd 27) I got positive on OPK. I was so excited! Before RE was open took another this morning and it was negative. went for sono only for another let down. Follicles still have not grown!!!! (biggest at 9).  I have had a lot of spotting past 3 days too and my lining is at a 5 :( 

 He had me do bloodwork and they are checking estradiol and FSH hormone. 


Has anyone else experienced this? What is going on?! So upset and confused. 

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Re: Need some serious help...

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    I'm so sorry!  I don't have any advice.  I will start Femara/Letrozole in a few months so I am not sure how one should respond.  But maybe because you did have a surge/+OPK, maybe you could get your blood drawn and see if P4 shows that you O'd. 
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    LtlAngLLtlAngL member
    I'm also not going to be super helpful, but maybe the RE would switch from Femara to injectables if it's not working.

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    Well, you may just respond poorly to Femara. You still have plenty of options. It sounds like Clomid might not be an option, since your lining is thin. But injects are possible.

    I would be very wary of an FSH and estradiol level that is not done on CD3. I'm not sure what they are looking for with drawing those levels on CD28. Estradiol, yes, but FSH, I don't get it. Tongue Tied

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