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coworkers showing me pictures of their babies

Or worse, bringing their babies to school.  Why is this necessary.  No, I'm sorry... I do not want to see you newborn granddaughter.  And I definitely do NOT want your infant son in the staff room with us for lunch!  Don't you people know that I need to mentally prepare myself for things like this?  I suppose you don't.  Because your baby didn't die.  Aren't you lucky? 

I am one bitter lady today.  

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Re: coworkers showing me pictures of their babies

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    Huge (((HUGS)))!! Babies should be banned from all workplaces- I don't know how this trend started anyway!
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    I have friends and family still sending me texts of their kids...even when I told them not to.

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  • ugh, i'm sorry. i have no tolerance for people anymore! people just drive me crazy, and i def have bitter days too! ((hugs))
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  • Ugh I am sorry. I feel like a bitter Betty all the time too so you are not alone!! I don't want to see any babies but mine!! Keep them away!! If I find I am unexpectedly confronted with a baby or belly, I act like they have the plague and make myself scarce!! 

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate these new lives we all have. Big hugs.  

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  • People are f*ing clueless :(
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  • imageweddedwife:
    People are f*ing clueless :(


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  • I hate this.  I don't work in an office so at least I don't have to deal with that but I went to the mall for the first time in years over the weekend (I'm not a big mall person, but my husband works IT for a nationwide company and they just re-did their stores and I wanted to see what's been eating his time for all these months) and we walked out with me saying "Wow, the mall is baby central!"  Then I went to Meijer on Monday.  Got in a line with no babies but there was a little boy probably 9 months in the next check-out line.  The cashier was talking to the baby and then the guy in front of me about babies and he was saying he was so happy he had a boy already.  He left, the people in the line over were still there.  The cashier just had to ask me if I thought the baby was cute.  I was just like "yeah, sure" and tried to get out of there as quickly as I could.  Then there's my aunt who just can't send me an email without a picture of my cousin's baby.  I just don't want to see it.  {{HUGS}}


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  • I know how you feel. My best friend texted me a picture of her newest ultrasound....saying "IT'S A BOY!".

    I should be happy for her....but in all honesty....I'm not. Life sucks right now.

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  • I'm sorry :(. I still can't handle this.

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  • People are totally clueless. I was one of those clueless people though. I brought my baby up to school. And she died about 11 days later. I don't know if anyone will bring their babies up to the school for awhile. I wish we could all still be that clueless.


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  • I believe in just being honest with people.  I can now look at baby pictures and see babies and it is mostly ok.  I still have a hard time with babies that are the age Grace should be.  

    HOWEVER, earlier on in my loss that was not the case and it felt like someone punched me everytime.  If you are having a hard time, I would just say so.  Say something like "I am so sorry, I need to excuse myself, we lost our baby Gary just 5 months ago and it is just still really hard for me to see/be around babies....I have been told this will get better, but it takes a long time."   People don't think and they don't realize how it hurts.  I would say something because it gives them perspective and will hopefully help it for the future.  

    In December we had dinner with friends I had grown up with....2 were pregnant and all have small children.  The got started talking about L&D, etc....and I finally just went and played with one of the 2 year olds.  It upset hubby too.  And you know what, I texted them and said so in a really nice way....just that it had put us in a bit of a funk.  They were awesome and very apologetic, they all felt like jerks.  That was not my intent, but they should have been more sensitive.  Or maybe I should have shared an L&D experience without getting to take your baby home!

    Hugs friend,


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  • It is so hard for me to see happy families with little ones. It just makes me want to cry!  

    My husband's cousin just sent us an invitation to her daughters 2nd b-day party. I feel like she is so insensitive.  My daughter died 2 months ago, does she really think I want to go to a baby birthday party.

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