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Tips to stay motivated at work until mat leave?

My plan is (was?) to work up until I go into labor (52 days until EDD!) but I'm having a real issue staying motivated at work for the past 2 weeks or so. Before I got pregnant I was given some additional and substantial new responsibilities and I really don't want my boss to think I'm checking out so I appreciate any tips you can offer to help me stay motivated these last few weeks!
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Re: Tips to stay motivated at work until mat leave?

  • I don't know. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and completely unmotivated. :(
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  • Ms5586Ms5586 member

    My motivation was the people I worked with, I have a lot of friends here.

    Honestly though, I knew that if I was at home, by myself all day, I'd let myself sink into the couch and only get off to pee or eat.  I didn't want to do that to myself.

    Plus, I had absolutely zero leave banked (had started the job when I was 4 months pregnant), so there was the thought of all that unpaid leave, which we couldn't afford...

    So, people and money!

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  • No advice here.  I spent most of my time on the bump those last few weeks.  I did all my work, but it's hard to focus when something is moving inside you.  Good Luck!  55 days is soon!
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  • Aloe0lAloe0l member

    I don't know. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and completely unmotivated. :(

    I've pretty much been unmotivated since I got my BFP!  And I have a long way to go still.

    I'll get bouts of motivation, mainly when a special project is due, but with my every day activities, I can't seem to want to put much effort into them.  And as far a supervising my employees, forget it.  I think I'm a horrible supervisor while pregnant, as I'm totally distracted and get into "selfish" mode.

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  • I was majorly lacking in motivation a couple weeks ago, but then made a list of all the things I wanted to make sure were completely finished before my leave.  That's helped tremendously.  I can't promise that once my list is all crossed off that I won't lose that motivation again! :-)
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  • Netty_3Netty_3
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    The thought that whatever mess you leave you will come back to...or not have things done properly because you didn't have things prepared for someone to pick up where you left off. I guess.  Good luck! :)
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  • I have nothing for you!! I am in the same boat as you, I got promoted in my first trimester and have been learning a new job since then. Now I have been training the girl who is to fill in while I am out, Next month is going to be a breeze... She will be doing all the work and I wll just be waiting till the arrival for my little one... Good luck.. I am checked out and no motivation to get through the next 31 days or less till due date.....
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  • a paycheck! that's all that motivated me for awhile but then that didn't even help. 
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