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Anyone have experience with IUI?

I used to be on this board quite a bit when I was my PG with we are trying for #2 and will be trying IUI this cycle (with Clomid).  

 What can I expect in terms of the actual procedure?  Were you told to take it easy before/after the IUI?  Were you told to abstain from any activities?  Alcohol, I assume is off limits?  

 I posted here instead of the IF boards b/c I also wanted to hear from those that had success with IUI.   



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Re: Anyone have experience with IUI?

  • I've done four IUIs, one of which was successful.  In terms of the procedure, it's quick and perhaps can be compared to getting a pap test done.  Right after they had me stay in the room for 10 minutes but after that I wasn't given any kind of restrictions.  I also wasn't about to go run a marathon or anything either.  I just went to work and on with my normal, daily activities.

    As for abstaining, I stuck to just Tylenol during the 2ww and I also didn't drink any alcohol, although honestly I don't know if it would have been a big deal.  I don't drink much normally so it wasn't like I was giving something up but just think about how many women drink and still get pregnant and I don't think it has a big, detrimental effect.

    Good luck.

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  • I got pregnant on my 2nd IUI.  The first one was a little more painful but only felt like a pretty bad uterine cramp.  2nd one was much easier but I think it's because I expected it.  I stayed on the table for 5 minutes afterwards but no restrictions.  It's pretty quick and impersonal really.  For the first 2ww, I didn't have any caffeine, alcohol or anything you're not supposed to during pregnancy but it made the wait so emotional.  The 2nd 2ww, I just went about life like normal and even had a few drinks.  The wait was much faster that time.  
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  • I had 7 iui's. 4 with oral medications and 3 with injectables. I didn't get pregnant do to my tube issues. It like a pap. They insert a small cathater (sp) into your uterus. Then inject the sperm through the cathater. I had to lay on the table for ten minutes and went on my way. I had no restrictions. I resumed life as normal. Which included coffee and a few adult beverages here and there.

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  • I was on 150 mg Clomid CD 3-7 and our IUI was timed based on a natural LH surge (+ OPK) and did not do a trigger shot.  The IUI felt like a PAP,  I did have very minor cramping during my 2nd IUI (the one that worked), but that ended as soon as she removed the tube.

    They had me lay on the table with my hips elevated for about 15-20 minutes after the procedure and then told me to go about my day as normal.   Because of the way my cycles worked out both of my IUI's ended up being on Saturday, but I could have went to work after if they where on a week day.  We actually went to lunch and a movie then went home and cleaned house after my second IUI.

    I had a couple glasses of wine and probably a couple beers during the time before and even right after my IUI (I stopped completely as soon as I had my BFP).  I also still drank cokes and coffee during this time.

     Good luck!!

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  • mlangsmlangs member

    I had 4 unsuccessful IUI's, but that was a different situation and a blessing in disguise (we have since been divorced).

    I did the Clomid and the injectables and like the PP have said it is like a pap that you wait around a bit after.

    I wasn't restricted after, but encouraged to still have sex afterwards.

    Wishing you all the best of luck and really the procedure is no big deal... the waiting 2 weeks is the hardest!

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