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TMI: Yeast Infection? (UPDATE)

How do I know if I have a yeast infection? Can I take OTC cream or do I have to go in to my doc and get something specific for pregnancy?

ETA: Went to the doc today. Visually, she said it does look like a yeast infection, but they took a swab just to confirm. She said Canesten cream can be applied externally AND internally (but with my fingers, not an applicator). She said I should start to feel better in a couple days.


Re: TMI: Yeast Infection? (UPDATE)

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    Oh, you know. Extreme itchiness will not leave a doubt. I believe Canesten is fiine, but I would double check with my doc. 
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    Your Dr. would just tell you get some OTC 5 Day Monistat.  The pill they can prescribe is not safe during pregnancy. 
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    I never had one before 3 weeks ago.  Itchy out the wazooooo!

    My doc said OTC monistat 5-7 day treatment.  The 1-3 day treatments are too strong and do not work as well.

    I didn't know this, but I guess they're very normal during pregnancy. 

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    I had my very first one just a few weeks ago. It was not pleasant!

    I checked with the pharmacist and she said use the longer treatment Canesten. It cleared up pretty quickly thankfully.

    When I told my OB he said that the longer acting stuff (Canesten/Monistat) was just fine and that it's super common in pregnancy. I think you're okay to self diagnose, but if you think you might have a bladder infection that will require a doctor's visit.


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    Monistat 3 day treatment is safe. Ive had numerous in my life. You get extreme itchiness with a lot of irritation to the point where you can't really touch it because it hurts! You're definitely more prone to it during pregnancy. There's not much you can you to prevent them. Maybe wearing cotton underwear? It takes time after you finish the treatment to really get over it. It's the most annoying, unnecessary thing in life! Anyway, good luck! 
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    If you've never had one you should get checked out. There are a few other things (like bacterial vaginosis) that can be similar. Yeast infections *are* more common during pregnancy, though.

    Also, the pill is an option if necessary. It isn't the first option while pregnant, but I'm allergic to the creams and have taken the pill with both pregnancies.

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