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We hope to go to do a few day trips to OC this summer.  But, since we will not be staying the night I do not have a room to go back to when I need to BF.

Are there any public areas that have a family restroom or mother's area in the OC boardwalk area?  How did you handle this when you were at the beach?  Or anyone have any ideas for me?  

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Ocean City

  • I would just nurse right there, a towel or nursing cover if you are uncomfortable. If that isn't enough cover, what about one of those tents. You'll want plenty of shade for LO anyway and it could double as a good place for a nap.


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  • I agree with the above...just nurse on the beach and cover up with a towel if necessary.  It will be a lot easier than trying to find a clean spot in a bathroom or something.  You could get a tent like this at Ikea

    We have it but haven't used it yet.  It seems like a good idea.

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  • I'd probably nurse in teh car so I could have AC
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  • When we went for the day last summer, I just nursed on the beach. I can't remember if I had a cover or not...
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  • I did like others said, we had a tent.


    Also, you can get one of those ground umbrellas (they sell them at Home Depot) and just turn backwards so that all people can see is your back.


    We have one and I LOVE it--it also is 50spf and so very nice under the tent and very roomy. It sets down on it's side and even has anchors to make sure it doesn't blow away.

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  • Mella&TMella&T member
    I nursed right on the beach with my nursing cover but I nursed just about anywhere. One of those tents could be helpful if you're not comfortable doing it in public.
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