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Just go uninvited to my dad's cookout today


He called this morning to tell me the time and mentioned his FI's daughter and her son were coming.

Backstory: her son has a genetic disorder (1 year old) can't get sick and I haven't been allowed by them to let DD meet him yet b/c she is in d/c and they are scared she'll give him a cold or something so they have never met.

Then today, my dad decides its a good time for them to meet.

Um ok.

So I agree but begrudgingly b/c I feel like if DD passes on germs I will never hear the end of it. For the record DD isn't sick but you know how it goes, they seem fine and then come down with something.

My dad said to let my DH know and call him back about the new plan (i.e. what time today). I didn't get a chance to b/c DD needed to be put down for her nap so I let the call go to VM.

He just told me he is canceling it and not to come over b/c he thought I sounded uncomfortable.

grrrr and WTH?

I get shafted b/c I am trying to keep the kid healthy?  I was going to go if they said I should but now he is overreacting and canceling it.

Its my dad's loss b/c he doesn't get to see DD but still it makes me mad.  

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Re: Just go uninvited to my dad's cookout today

  • Sorry, that sounds like a difficult situation all around.
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