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Home Birth - who's concidering?

I am only 10 weeks pregnant and I am already thinking about the birth.I will do (if everything is good and safe) a home birth. I am Dutch and living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Here this is normal (I think 60% is home birth here) I am curious about who is concidering this way in USA. 


Re: Home Birth - who's concidering?

  • I was born at home and have several friends who have had babies at home.  I've always wanted a home birth, but have thus far not attempted one because we live in a very rural area and access by ambulance could be difficult should the need arise.  That being said, I may attempt one for my next birth as I now have three uncomplicated, smooth, vaginal births under my belt (two were completely natural and in a birth center rather than a hospital.)
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  • Congrats! We are planning on a homebirth with baby #2 this fall :) I'm hoping for a water birth.
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  • We're TTC but we are choosing to do it at home if it's a low-risk pregnancy. I already have my BPIAB picked out!
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  • Our second was a home waterbirth and we're planning another for this baby.  I was relaxed being at home and really loved being in the water, so hopefully this birth will be as nice as the last one.  Our hospital is only 1.5 miles away, and its birth center is nice but they don't let you deliver in water.
  • I'd love to do a home birth! But I just don't feel comfortable about it; the hospital here is a total joke, and the closest good one is over an hour away--in the event that something does happen, I don't want any longer of a transport than necessary. We've opted instead to have our baby at the birthing center with our midwife, which is like 2 blocks away from the aforementioned good hospital. Which, as it happens, is the top choice hospital around, and the one I'd prefer to birth in should a complication arise.
  • Planning a home birth for my first :-)
  • I am 25 weeks and planning a home birth for my first child.

    I live in the U.S.  I'm definitely not the norm here and am commonly given side eyes.


    I don't care.  I've always swam in my own direction and after many many hours of research I know I do not want to give birth in a hospital.


  • I am for my next baby.  I considered the idea for my first but was too worried about pain and wanting pain relief, and I ended up getting induced after 2 weeks so it wouldnt have been possible anyway.  I would totally love to have one this time!
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  • Also I found it really difficult and uncomfortable to be in a squatting position when I was 9 months pregnant because I was so big and swollen, but it's supposed to be way easier in a birthing pool because the water takes the weight off
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  • My first was born at a freestanding birth center.

    My second will likely be a home birth.
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    Breastfeeding and pregnant!
  • Congrats! We are planning on a homebirth with baby #2 this fall :) I'm hoping for a water birth.




  • Awesome! I wish it was more wide-spread in the USA. I wanted to have a home birth SO bad, but unfortunately it's basically illegal where I'm located. They don't have Midwives anymore or birthing centers and doctors are not allowed to deliver a baby in your home. I was really disappointed, but I planned to make it as homey and natural as possible in the hospital. And I didn't go in till I was 9cm.
  • In would live a home birth, but due to a previous issue it simply is not in the area for me.  Good luck!
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