1st Trimester

Dont feel pregnant?

Hey Y'all

I am 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant!

I was wanting to know is it normal Not to feel pregnant? 

Re: Dont feel pregnant?

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    2u2wow2u2wow member

    i'm in my 5th week and i don't feel much!

    i'm only feeling bloated, tired and grumpy - more like pms than pg.

    hopefully soon! although i'm not going to wish for m/s!! 

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    Very normal. With both of my pregnancies (so far) I never really felt pregnant until into my 2nd tri when I started to show and it was getting difficult to get comfy in bed. No morning sickness, sore breasts, etc. Don't worry about it. 
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    eav2ceav2c member
    Normal. Be thankful!
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    I'm nearly five weeks and I don't feel anything except increased hunger.


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    hmonttyhmontty member

    I only started really "feeling pregnant" this week. This is my second, so maybe that's why, but I am starting to be able to feel my uterus getting bigger in my abdomen, my clothes are fitting differently (and not from bloat), and I found myself resting my hand on my abdomen the other day while I was talking to someone. :)


    I should add that I have had symptoms for many weeks now, but for me, really feeling the pregnancy has to do with feeling the growth in your body.


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    I'm over 8 weeks and for the most part I still don't "feel" pregnant. Little one is still so tiny it's impossible to feel it move & I have few symptoms that come & go at this point but everything looked healthy at my first ultrasound. I'd say yes, it's normal - for some women.
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    EESWEESW member

    11 weeks today and every day I wonder if I'm making it up. I've gained like 3 pounds but it wouldn't be noticable to anyone who wasn't looking hard. Other than that, I fel the same.


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    4.5 weeks and all I feel is grumpy with soar boobs. I hate being grumpy (i just can't help it) at such a happy time.  Not that I want the nausea and vomiting, I just don't feel pregnant. I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't for my test results.  I don't feel tired, i feel more energetic.  Even waking early everyday.

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    I am 9 weeks and I only have some sore boobs. No m/s either. I look like I ate a big burrito lunch with this bloat and can't fit into my pants but other than that I don't feel pregnant.

    I did have some cramping and spotting that scared the life out of me and got an u/s to see if the beans are ok. If I didn't hear the heartbeats I wouldn't know they were in there.

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