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Herbal Tea

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Curious if anyone can share any clarity on drinking herbal teas- which kinds are safe and which are not.  I've heard that camomile and raspberry are out (unless you're trying to get labour going).  Which is odd, because someone gifted me some "Momma Tea" to help with queasy feelings- and it contains some of each of those in it. 

 Maybe it's no biggie- but I'm never really sure. Enlighten me!

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Re: Herbal Tea

  • I am a HUGE tea fan.  I go to Teavana a TON.  Well, I used to.  I am also unsure and have so many aversions I haven't even wanted it.

    I know the manager at my local Teavana just had a baby and drank tea so I figured when I wanted to try I would see what she drank.

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  • In my prenatal class on Saturday morning, the doula recommended raspberry leaf tea for its excellent benefits on prepping your uterus for labor.  She said to drink it throughout pregnancy.

    I found some loose leaf and made a huge pitcher, added a little honey, and have been sipping on it for a couple days.  Super good. 

  • I am a tea freak. But unfortunately we do have to be careful what we drink some  things can cause preterm labor.  If you google safe herbs it should give you a list to avoid.  If I remember correctly cinnamon in high doses is one of them..but I dont remember why.  Red raspberry leaf tea is actually good through out pregnancy it strengthan and tones the uterine muscles.  There is an old wives tail that it will soften the cervix also when the time comes...but the jury is still out on that one, although there are those that swear by it.  Avoid blue/black cohosh, dong quai,and a whole host of others that I cant remember.  I have to look it up again too.  Momma tea is awesome stuff!
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  • I'm a HUGE tea drinker-I LOVE MIGHTY LEAF TEA! and I asked my OB about teas and she said that there aren't any conclusive studies about teas inducing labor. They're just a silly as saying eating jalapenos or chinese food will induce labor.

    The only thing she said was watch the caffeine content. 

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  • There doesn't seem to be detailed or reliable information available on this.  Black tea and decaff black tea are listed as safe on a wide variety of sources. And mint tea (that only contains mint), and ginger tea (that only contains ginger), is also listed as safe a few places. I think green tea and decaff green tea are also OK but can affect folic acid absorption, so don't overdo it.

    But a whole bunch of other ingredients are often mixed in (e.g. lemongrass, licorice root) which some sources say to avoid.  I imagine in small, occasional doses they are fine, but I wouldn't seek them out.

    I'm also experimenting with hot milk, hot lemonade, and hot ginger lemonade and they have all been good.



  • I was told raspberry leaf is great through pregnancy, but chamomile is iffy. Drinking the raspberry leaf tea earlier gave me some indigestion though.
  • My OBGYN pointed me to this website, it lists the herbs to avoid during pregnancy and while nursing: 


    Sorry not clicky, posting from my phone. 

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