1st Trimester

slight cramps in lower abdomen= RLP??

Could this be round ligament pain? I don't remember having this so early with DS.
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Re: slight cramps in lower abdomen= RLP??

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    I suppose it could be. Slight cramping is normal.

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    Sounds like it, though I definitely didn't get it that early.  Not sure when it's normal to start getting it.

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    Las135Las135 member
    I've had slight cramping since my BFP.  It definitely has tapered off a bit once I hit 8 weeks.  They are scary, but my OB said it is perfectly normal.

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    I hope its normal.. I've been having it on and off too since my bfp.  The scariest part for me is that mine seems to occur mostly on my right side.  I may give my doctor a call on Tuesday just to make myself feel better.
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    I've had RLP throughout this week...had it quite often with my first child. To me, it feels like a rubber band being pulled super tight.
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    I have cramping too and I have been told by many pregnant women that they are perfectly normal and feel like light menstrual cramps. If you are nervous about it I don't see why it would be any harm to contact your doctor for reassurance.



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    I've had it off and on early this time too.  I didn't experience this as early with DD but I'm just guessing its one of those things that happens quicker with 2nd kiddo?  Mostly mine happens if I am bending and stand up or sneeze or twist etc---ouch!

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    hmonttyhmontty member

    RLP is not cramping. It's a sharp, sudden pain that goes away within a matter of seconds. It's painful and sudden enough to make you go, "Ouch!"

    I have had this already with this pregnancy a handful of times when I turned over the wrong way in bed, but it doesn't normally strike with a vengeance until 2nd tri.

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    I am 5 weeks and have had on and off cramping... it is kinda scary but totally normal call and talk to your doc or nurses if you need a little extra reassurance.
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