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Best Pediatrician Ever!

I love DD's pediatrician!  First of all, this office send one of their doctors to the hospital on the day your LO is born to give the first check-up!  DD's ped came and checked on her and was wonderful!  we ask to see her every time we have to take DD in.  I swear, every time we see her she tells us how smart and advanced DD is, she's also asked us if we were interested in getting DD into modeling (whenever we get asked this we always say "If she wants to do that when she's older, then we'll look into it.").

Anyway, we have run into DD's ped a handful of times in DD's 2 1/2 years of life, and ALWAYS at the Mexican Restaurant by our house.  She always says hi when she sees us.  After we went in to her office to report possible abuse in DD's daycare (with a different was after hours walk-in situation) she asked us how the investigation was going and how DD was doing. I like that she's so aware of what's going on even if we don't see her personally! 

Well, Friday night we went out for Mexican and were about to be seated when I see DD's ped waving at us (with a margarita in front of her).  We said hello and she said, "I was wondering if you were putting on weight, but now I can see you're not!"  She's very excited to for us to bring her another patient in September! She even said that she would see us in the hospital! 

I hope you all have amazing Pediatricians like this!  She's WONDERFUL!

Re: Best Pediatrician Ever!

  • that is awesome! we had a pedi like that but we moved about 45 mins away and it didn't make sense to continue seeing her.  DS' new pedi we have only seen twice and although I don't mind him, I wish we had better insurance so I could look around and find someone like our original pedi!
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  • That's great that you found someone you love. We have a similar relationship with ours, right down to the modeling suggestion & excitement over baby #2, lol.

    I think it's standard for the ped to come see LO at the hospital when he/she is born, though., especially if they are affiliated with your delivering hospital. Ours gave DS his first check up in the hospital & will do the same with DD.

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