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fostering for family friend- long

My neighbor/babysitter growing up has an adult son that cannot get his life straight. CPS has been involved on multiple occasions, but his child has never been removed from the home.   Apparently he and his wife are losing their home and he has threatened suicide.   He told his parents he would be dropping his boy off at their house before he does this.  

This threat has been going on for atleast 20 years.  I remember my Dad talking a gun out of his hand when I was a child.  Most likely, nothing is gong to come of this crazy awful situation, however we would be willing to take care of the little boy while he and his wife get things straight.  His parents are in their 70's and not in good health.   If CPS gets involved and the parents/grandparents want him with us, is there a way we can be the ones to take care of him?

 My DH and I are already licensed foster parents that never had an intention to foster.  Our agency requires everyone to go through the same process regardless of which program you intend to use. 

I know this is a question for our social worker, but I wanted to see if anyone else had fostered for someone that was already close to their family? 

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Re: fostering for family friend- long

  • It depends on the state regs and the situation.  You can certainly ask about it.  In my experience, CPS would have to get involved then you would have to contact that CPS worker who takes the case and request this.  Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for "fostering" until CPS gets involved. But since you are already licensed and all it may work out for you to take him, but of course it's all up to CPS. Good luck.
  • If you can get them to agree they can appoint you as an Emergency Guardian.  Then if anything happens to the parents you are in line to be the child's caregivers.  When I was a nanny I was appointment this position and when the Mom had to be in the hospital for a few weeks I was able to take guardianship without CPS having to get involved (well, minimally involved) and was also given some legal guardianship over both Mom and baby (Guardian Ad Lidem or something like that).  I really am not aware of everything involved, I just know that when this all happened I was given pretty much full guardianship and was even allowed to cash their social security checks and the child support checks in order to buy food and whatnot.

    But this was almost a decade ago.  Laws may have changed or may be very different in your area, but it worked back then! 

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