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iPad/tablet use

Do you think there is a reason to be concerned about using an iPad while pregnant? I usually have it resting on my lap. I know I may sound paranoid I get worried about everything!



Re: iPad/tablet use

  • File it under "unknown". I err on the side of caution and keep my phone away from my belly.
  • I think my biggest concern would be the heat. I have a little laptop that I prop up on a pillow in my lap in order to keep it off my stomach.

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  • I am sure you'll be okay. When I was pregnant with DD and my laptop would get hot she would kick (it off) and I eventually bought a lap pad to keep the heat off. Plus all those raging hormones made me hot anyhow. I use my ipad and I am fine (or was while pregnant with DS).
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    I asked my dr about this as I had read internet articles which said it could be bad but he just laughed it off and said good luck avoiding it!
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  • When I rest my iPad on my belly a little, it gets kicked at. My MIL said maybe the baby can hear a sound coming from it that she doesn't like or something aaannnndddd that gave me one more thing to be paranoid about ;) I mostly just try to not rest it totally on my stomach and I have a little stand for it that I use a lot more now.
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