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I have heard other STM moms talk about creating a registry for their second child and that there's an option to keep the registry private.  If you do this, do you still qualify for registry completion discounts?  Does there have to be a certain dollar amount on the registry?  I hadn't planned on creating another registry, but if I can get a discount on some stuff I plan to buy anyway, why not!  Thanks y'all!


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    I'm a STM (DD is 7).  We are not having a shower.  Since DD is so much older, we didn't have any baby things left.  I created a registry because some family members wanted to buy us gifts and because that completion discount adds up!  Target also offered a $20 gift card for creating a registry, and I was happy to take advantage of that.
  • You can make an Amazon registry private as well. BRU cannot (atleast it couldn't be a couple months ago).

    I really enjoyed having the Amazon registry because things seemed to be so much cheaper there. 

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