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missed you all & long update (TTCAL mentioned)

Hello ladies!  I'm sorry I haven't been here for some time to check in with you all... we made the big move to our new home two weeks ago and didn't have internet here until yesterday.  Please know that I'm always thinking of you all and have missed you lovely ladies terribly!  I hope that everyone is doing as well as they can and I'm sorry to see some new names on the board. 

I was really sad that I couldn't be in touch on Mother's Day... it was a really difficult day for me and I could have used you ladies for support.  DH did get me a beautiful baby angel statue for the memorial garden that we'll be putting in (once we clear all the poison ivy from the area, that is!), but he just didn't understand why I was so sad all day.  I visited baby Gary's grave, but couldn't stay for long... it was just too hard.  

I also had my appointment with my OB to get the green light.  She wants me to meet with the high risk doc, but says otherwise she doesn't see why we can't start trying.  I was frustrated that we have to wait another month, but I know it's for the right reasons. 

So what's new with all of you ladies??  What did I miss??  Can't wait to catch up!  Lots of love!!

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Re: missed you all & long update (TTCAL mentioned)

  • Hi! Congrats on the green light! I met with a high risk Dr before TTC too and he really put my mind at ease. How's the new house? Are you all unpacked? Mother's Day was really hard for me too. My DH got me a sweet gift and a card from Max and Molly so that made it a bit easier. Did you end up getting those necklaces for your MIL and your mom? My mom loved hers. The only thing is, the clasp was a bit loose so she is going to get it tightened so the pieces don't fall off. Thanks for the idea. We need to do a Father's Day brainstorm on here. Welcome back!
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  • Thanks :)  We're moved in but there's still a LOT of work to be done.  Things were so overgrown I felt like I lived in the rainforest lol. We didn't order the necklaces in time for mother's day, but we've got them on order now... I told my mom and sister that they'll be late, but worth it.  We only have a partial green light... it's pending the meeting with the high risk doc, which is Thursday, so we'll see what he says.  Hoping for the best... I'm 20 pounds down and my blood pressure is normal with meds, so hopefully we're a go!  And yes... Fathers Day ideas, please!!

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  • *hugs*  Glad to see you back around these parts.  Congrats on the green light!  For what it's worth, I found that meeting with the high risk doctor gave me more courage and hope.  Understanding my situation, my care plan, ect. helped ALOT through all the frustrations of TTC.  Keep us updated!

    Mother's day was definitely hard.  I'm sorry you had such a rough day and couldn't access us all here.  I just posted (a few posts down) a quote and link to an article that was written about Mother's Day by a baby-loss-mom.  It really touched me...and if nothing else, let me know that I'm not alone....there are women (Iike you all) that understand. 

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    Hi there!  Nice to *see* you again.  I'm sorry Mother's Day was so difficult for you.  (((HUGS)))
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  • Welcome back! Nice to see you :)
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