Adoption tax credit expiring - how to take action

There was a discussion below on how the adoption tax credit is set to expire. It's sometimes hard to know how to make a difference so I dug up some info.

Good info here:

How to find your Senator:

How to find your state rep: 

Sample email to send to both your Senator and State Rep - please note there is a space in the second paragraph to add your personal story. 


I am writing to ask you to support the adoption tax credit, which is set to expire on December 31, 2012. Since 1997, the adoption tax credit has helped tens of thousands of parents offset the high cost of adoption, making it possible for them to provide children with loving, permanent families.

The adoption tax credit is especially important to me and my family because?(Tell Congress why you care. Your Members of Congress value your voice!)

If Congress does not take action, the current adoption tax credit will expire at the end of 2012. The credit will be reduced to $6,000, and will only benefit the few families that adopt children with special needs and have qualified adoption expenses. Most families adopting children from foster care, intercountry adoption, and domestic infant adoption will not receive any benefit. Without the adoption tax credit, many parents hoping to adopt will be unable to do so, and others will face great financial hardship. The adoption tax credit is essential to ensuring that as many children as possible find the forever families they deserve and ensuring that those families are in a more stable financial position to provide an environment where children can thrive.

The adoption tax credit must be extended to help as many children as possible find the permanent, loving family they need and deserve. And for 2012 it should be made refundable again so that most adoptive families will benefit from it. The best adoption tax credit would be permanent, refundable, inclusive of all types of adoption, and remain a ?flat? tax for children with special needs. 

On behalf of the countless children waiting to be adopted, and the many thousands of families that stand to benefit from the adoption tax credit, thank you for your attention to this important issue.





Re: Adoption tax credit expiring - how to take action

  • We successfully adopted (YAY!) in 2011 are set to receive a very helpful tax refund.  Unless the tax credit is extended this is going to end for all of the future adoptive families.  Infertility is expensive.  Adoption is expensive.  Our group of families deserve some help.  I just thought it might be helpful to have all the info in one spot.

     Best of luck to all of you in the wait.  Hang in there, it's worth everything you are going through now.  Promise! 

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    I actually just wrote to our senators yesterday! I am sending the form letters via email to my family to send to our senators too.

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  • I didn't even realize this was happening! Thank you for posting! Will be writing a note out ASAP.

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  • Thank you so much for posting this info (especially the letter - very helpful!).  I just sent my letter and have sent a copy of the letter to my friends on Facebook so they could advocate as well.  Thanks again!
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