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Increased Placements around Holiday?

Has anyone else experienced increased placements around holidays?

We were warned earlier this week that things were picking up due to school ending and it being a holiday weekend.  Since we are licensed foster parents and are awaiting a placement call, we were told to "be ready".  While we're not sure exactly what else to do to prepare (except for taking an extra nap or two), we were surprised when this warning came true.  We have received two placement calls in the last two days.  Both were outside our preferred age range of infant to 4 yo, but we declined primarily due to the circumstances.

I'm curious if anyone else has experienced increased placements around holiday weekends.  I wonder if more foster parents are out of town/unavailable, which results in it just appearing that way?

I am driving to Michigan this weekend with my mom, so I figure (and hoping) that we'll get that right placement call.  DH has friends and neighbors who are "on call" to help and I'll buy a plane ticket home if it actually happen.  If I stay home, then I know it won't happen!  Good ole Murphy's law!

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