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Frustrated, whiney, hot & need to vent

Went in for my OB appt today. I am still only 1cm dialted & 0% effaced. They hooked me up to the NST monitor, and LO is doing great. I am having contractions, although they don't feel like much more than long back spasms to me. LO won;t stay engaged though, he's up then down, up then down. I will be overdue tomorrow, my dates are off on ticker. Doc thinks LO might be too big now to pass through, and I really wanted a natural birth. But they are having me come back Tuesday for another NST, and scheduled an induction for Thursday if LO still hasn't arrived. I lost part of my plug, am having loose stools, and spotting a little. I still get lightning crotch and other symptoms too. But now I am having horrible sciatica which is keeping me in pain, and can't sleep for s&^t! I slept 2 hours last night, so I am all dizzy & nauseated today from being overly tired.  

I am terrified of the induction or of getting a c-section, not b/c it's surgery or will hurt. But I am so allergic to most pain meds and have adverse reactions to other meds. Case in point, I am allergic to Novacaine (dentist), and doc is all like well it's related to what we put in the epidural, but you should be ok. Um...."should be," isn't very comforting to me. He offered to give me Ambien for sleep today and I had to decline b/c I have been given it before and...I bounce off the walls, no sleeping for me. It makes me super hyper. Also, my seasonal allergies are insane.

I've tried the walking, sex, the birthing ball, and some other things and nothing is working. :/ 

I am trying to be positive, LO is doing well if perhaps a bit too comfortable. And he cracks me up sometimes. We watched Glee last night and he gets all whipped up in there from the music.

But I am so tired of being uncomfortable, and want to meet him already. Plus all the people calling, texting, IM-ing to see if he's here. And it's super hot today, and we don't having A/C. So that's not helping either.  

Ok, vent over. I know I am not the only one. Please send labor dust my way. 

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Re: Frustrated, whiney, hot & need to vent

  • Hugs! I know how you feel. These last days really suck. Both the nurse and my OB commented on how happy he is in there and that they're shocked I haven't delivered yet. Just wants to stay in. Tried a conversation with him, told him all the cool stuff out here, and that's when he popped out of launch position. Think he got scared. Today, though, he's back in his favorite question mark shape on my right side, and I think he engaged again. 

    My OB had an appt come available last minute for tomorrow to do the induction. Otherwise, she wasn't sure when she'd have an opening and didn't want me to hit 41w. I jumped at the chance. I always said I'd fight induction, but in the end, I didn't. My whole birthplan changed on the words, "Wanna meet this little guy Friday?" 

    Throw everything aside today and just relax. Can you take benedryl? Or do you feel comfortable enough to have a glass of wine? A small glass, 4oz or less, with food will be enough to relax you and baby just enough. 

  • You never know ... things can change quickly. DS1 was born at 42w and I thought I was headed in the same direction with DS2. On my due date, I had absolutely no progress. The next day, my water broke and DS2 was born.

    Hope it happens soon for you!

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  • I've been known to grab my belly and yell "GET OUT" a time or two the last week or so of pregnancy.
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