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I hate 9DP

I'm 9 DPIUI and I've gone through the "yay this had to have worked" and "no way in heck this worked" roller coaster and now I'm at the to POAS or not to POAS part and I hate it. I know its too early, but I just want to know already!!!!!! 

rant over. for now. ;)


On the upside I get to leave work in 20 minutes for my 4 day weekend! Whoo hoo!  

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After 2 years of IF workups/treatments and 2 IUIs, we have closed the door on fertility treatments.
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Re: I hate 9DP

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    I'm right there with you at 8dpo. I just wish I knew. I hear that people have dreams that they're pregnant sometimes and then they find out that they are pregnant. Well, I had a dream last night that AF came. Hope that's not a bad sign!

    Enjoy your weekend. I get a half day of work tomorrow, which is what's keeping me going now!

    I'm 29. DH is 29. 
    TTC #2 since 1/14
    DX= PCOS and Annovulatory
    Cycle #1- Failed IUI 5/12
    Cycle #2- Injectibles and TI- BFP 7/13/12. Due 3/2/13
    DS born at 31w3d on 1/19/13
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    Oh my goodness I hear you! I a 7dpiui and I have been seriously considering POAS to see if the trigger is still in my system, but I'm afraid it will make me crazy. I have also been checking for signs of implantation bleeding and watching random 'this is how fertilization occurs" videos (not like I don't know how it happens) online. I am just torturing myself.

    Enjoy the 4 day weekend!

    Happily married since July 2008
    Me = 32, PCOS, AO :: DH = 34, SA= all good!
    TTC since April 2009
    9/11 - Started Acupuncture, began O on my own in November!
    1/12 - Consult w/ RE
    1/24/12 - Lap & Cystectomy to remove a tumor w/ precancerous cells from left ovary, also removed part of left ovary, no signs of endo noticed at that time
    2/12 - forced break to recover from surgery
    3/12- given the OK to start treatment w/ RE
    3/12 - HSG = right side good, unable to get dye in left tube so cannot verify if it is clear
    5/12 - Clomid + trigger + IUI = BFN 6/12 - Medicated cycle cancelled due to cysts, natural cycle instead
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    This describes me to a T!  Im 11dpiui & went from being all, this was it, it totally worked to this didnt work, should I take a break next cycle.  Im going to lose my mind by next week.
    "Everything will be alright in the end. So if it's not alright, it is not yet the end."
    Me:29 DH:29  TTC since 1/11 Dx: unexplained IF/early DOR/immune issues 
    Feb'12- July'12-testing(all clear minus slight arcuate ute), 3 IUI with clomid all BFN
    8/30IVF#1 Antagonist protocol- ER 9/11-8R, 7M, 5F. 
    ET 9/14 2 embies transferred. 1 10cell Grade 4, 1 8cell Grade 4. No frosties. BFN
    IVF#2 Antagonist protocol plus baby aspirin- ER 12/5-16R, 12M, 8F!
    ET 12/10 5dt! 1 fully expanded blast & 1 early blast. No frosties. BFN
    3/13 hysteroscopy & polypectomy, Consulted w Dr. Kwak-Kim.  
    DX: High NK cells, cytokines, DHEAs& PAI1;  hypothyroid, +APA, restricted bloodflow
    7/13 IVF#3 Long lupron protocol with PIO, Crinone, Prometrium, and vivelle
    (plus synthroid, metformin, baby asa, metanx, PNV, Vit E, D, calcium, fish oil, CoQ10, IVIg infusions and lovenox per Dr. Kwak-kim)
    ER 7/19 14R, 11M, 9F(4 natural fert, 5 with ICSI)
    ET 5dt 7/24 2 fully expanded blasts.  SURPRISE 3 FROSTIES!!!
    Beta #1 8/2 335!!!! Beta #2 829!!!  1st u/s 8/14 showed TWINS!!!!!
    11/11: TEAM PURPLE!!!!!
    3/21/14-L&W born at 37w via csection

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    NeeseyNeesey member
    I'm 9DPIUI too and the suspense is killing me.  We are having a big party at our house on Saturday and all of our pregnant friends are coming.  I'd love to have a secret to make the day easier so I'm not just a crazy jealous person who cries after they all leave.
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    TTC since 3/2011 Adenomyosis, LPD, hypothyroidism. 
    BFP on 7/20/12 after 4 cycles Clomid + IUI 
    2 large subchorionic hematomas & no heartbeat at 7w6d   
    D&E 8/18/12 Sonohysterography found septum and necrotic tissue.   
    Hysteroscopy to remove both 10/5
    IUI #5-7 50mg Clomid + trigger = BFN  
    IUI #8 Femara + Bravelle + HCG + Progesterone = BFP 3/27/13
    Beta 1 (13dpo) = 169  Beta 2 (17dpo) = 1073  No heartbeat at 9w3d. 
    D & C 5/10/13  Triploidy 69 (paternal inherited)
    IVF #1 with ICSI and PGS 11R 8M 5F 2 biopsied/frozen
    PGS results = 1 with trisomy 13 & 1 good embryo for FET 
    FET #1 EV, estrace, nitro patches.  Cancelled due to thin lining
    FET #1.2 oral estrace, f'ing nitro patches and no delestrogen.  Transfer 12/31. BFN
    PAIF/SAIF welcome
    Surprise BFP on 6/13/14  Our only unmedicated bfp ever.
    Beta #1 339  Beta #2 649 44 hour doubling time
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    tayray1tayray1 member
    I'm 12dpiui and I also want to know so badly! I can't test until next Tue (when trigger is out of my system) but MH and I agreed before IUI that we wouldn't test until after I got home from my vaca in NYC. Can't believe now that I'm here that I would agree to such a ridiculous thing!
    Patiently waiting for our 1st since 9/2010.
    Dealing with MFI, good count, good motility, 3% morph-HSG all clear, all other test results came back normal, IUI is our next step
    May 2012- Clomid 50mg + IUI = BFN
    June- Cycle Break
    July- Forced cycle break due to cysts
    August- Femara, Trigger, IUI#2= ?
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    HA you are so right, 9 is right where i start that too

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    Juicy71Juicy71 member
    Oh gosh, I feel lame - I'm only at 6dpiui #1 and I'm going nuts!  I have POAS to test the trigger - my latest was yesterday and it was faint.  I may just test one more time tomorrow and see where it's at before I have the at least 5 day wait before trying again.  But, yeah, going crazy already.  *sigh*
    Me: 43 DH: 39 - AMA, DOR
    Mommy to Sami (IVF), Born 8.30.13
    Surprise non-assisted BFP - 12.29.2014, Beta 1 = 322, Beta 2 = 760
    EDD 9.7.2015

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    Good luck this cycle...You sound exactly how I do each cycle.  I'm hoping this is your lucky cycle.
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    I'm convinced the second half of the 2ww is the absolute hardest. Ado much easier when you're one or 2 days past because you know it's way too early. But you get to say 8 or 9 and you're so close but still so far away!  Good luck. 
    Unexplained infertility; TTC #1 for 5 years
    IUI #1; m/c;c/p 3/15/2012
    IUI #2: Clomid, ovidrel trigger, prometrium;4/5/12; BFFN; IUI #3, clomid and injects; Beta June 8th????
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