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random s/o re bedtime - where do you read stories?

When DD was a baby and small toddler, we did bottle and books and song w/ her in my lap in the glider.  Our cheapo glider bite the dust around 2.5, so now I sit on the floor and DD sits on my lap while I read, but its a little uncomfortable.  I feel like I'm always ducking around her head to read or getting her hair in my mouth.  Laying on her bed is out b/c its a toddler bed and I'm pretty sure if I lay on there too long, I'll break it!


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Re: random s/o re bedtime - where do you read stories?

  • ras26ras26 member
    We actually have a full size bed in the nursery, in addition to the crib, so that's where we read.  Mommy and Daddy both fit!
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  • jnealetjnealet member
    We still use her glider but her hair is constantly getting in my mouth too.  We had to buy another glider for D2's room because D1 flipped out about it.  But we use both every night.
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  • We have an old Boston rocker that my neighbor gave us when they bought new furniture. We read her stories in that. For the last few weeks she wasn't comfortable on my lap, so she would lean on my lap while she stood. She was very happy to have my lap back last night.
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  • the glider in his room.  However, once #2 comes we will probably have to move to our room because she will probably go to bed earlier and they have to share a room.  I'm not happy about it because it breaks with the routine, but I guess we'll have to adjust.
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  • We used to do it in the living room but with the 2 of them together now, we're trying to establish a more concrete routine. We now read books in their room. 
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  • We usually sit on the sofa and read a few down stairs before heading upstairs to her bed. We sometimes we also read in bed too.

    Edit: Annabelle sleeps in a full size bed so we all can fit in the bed. 




  • DH does the reading at bedtime, but he sits in the rocker with DS on his lap. He gets his bottle in our room in our bed though. Just because that is where I would sit to nurse him when we first got home from the hospital and we never changed that habit.

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  • In DS's twin bed. I havent started reading to B yet-he is pretty much ready to conk out after dinner.
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  • We do it in Ava's, oops I meant OUR (lol), bed. 
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  • We just go with DD's flow. Sometimes downstairs in the sun room or living room and sometimes upstairs in her bed. She sleeps in a queen sized bed so there's plenty of room. 
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  • We either read stories downstairs on the couch or in her bed--she has a full sized twin bed, so no issues there.


    We've also done pillows on the floor, which she thinks is awesome!

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  • Usually our bed.
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  • Mella&TMella&T member
    We sit in the big rocking arm chair in her room. We read stories there before every nap and bed time...any other time it's on the floor or in the living room.
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  • We did it in the glider when DD was younger, but now we sit on the floor in her room.   She sits in my lap for one story, then goes to sit in daddy's lap for another story.


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  • When Aiden was in his old room (the nursery) he read stories on our laps in the glider.  When he moved to his big boy room we started reading him stories in bed.

    Claire now gets read to sitting in the glider. 

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