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so I always hear women say oh I can tell your pregnant your "glowing" Im just curious what part of this preggo acne is glowing!! Am I the only one with horriable skin? I stopped wearing foundation (which im in love with mac) due to the fact of hmmm maybe less makeup i will have less acne.... Thats a negitive!! I feel like you  can play connect the dots on my face. I know im pregnant and im imbrassing the belly but honestly so uncomfortable with all the bumps on my face. Am i the only one? If not what are you ladies using? Anything working really good or are you just dealing with it?!?
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Re: glowing!?!

  • I use the clinique acne solution three step stuff. I had run out of one of the products recently and broke out within 48 hours. Once i had all three steps again it cleared up in just a few days. Love the stuff. 
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  • I totally feel you! I was like, this isn't a glow, it's a sheen of oil on my face! I read that estrogen hormones secrete through the face moreso than anywhere else. it was worse during my first trimester, when I had all the nausea and influx of hormones. it's gotten a bit better now. I litterally wiped my forehead, chest and back (where it's been the worse & totally embarassing!) with peroxide morning and night. I was doing that to get ready for a cruise around Easter because I didn't want all this acne on my chest & back. No I've been using Olay face cloths that I get at Sam's when I shower at night and since the humidity has picked up, also in the morning. I am using my Proactive lotion on just those problem areas now, and regular Olay hydrating lotion on my cheeks and neck because those seem to be super dry.
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  • I used Proactive before I got KU, but I've heard you can't use that while pregnant, so I stopped. Now I just use the St. Ives apricot scrub in the shower every day. It doesn't do as good a job as the Proactive, but it at least exfoliates and helps a little bit.

    I feel like I'm in middle school again with all this acne... All I need is my braces, headgear, and backpack to complete the look.

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  • I'm right there with you. I don't mind what she is doing to my belly, but I HATE what she is doing to my face! I am a zit popper/scab picker so basically pimples are the worst thing ever for me. I try to resist, but that usually doesn't happen. I'm not using anything other than my makeup remover because I know that it is just from my hormones and I figure that nothing is going to help anyway. I did tell my husband that when our daughter starts having pimples and complaining for the 1st 9ish months I'm not going to feel bad for her since she did it to me for 9ish months. :) After that I'll probably start feeling bad for her because the SUCK!
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  • It's so weird...I've always had facial acne and then a couple months into pregnancy my face cleared up (not sure if it's b/c I'm pregnant or b/c I've been really good about cleansing my face everynight and not wearing much makeup), but the acne moved to my back! I feel like a high school boy with it all over my shoulders and back and of course it's summer time and it's not like I can cover it up with make up or anything. I've been using Avalon Organics Lavendar Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub 1st and then Alba Bontanica Pineapple Enzyme Facial Cleanser 2nd and I love the way my face feels...clean, but not tight and dried out.
  • imageCincy/Toronto:
    I totally feel you! I was like, this isn't a glow, it's a sheen of oil on my face! .

    lol...I always say it's sweat.  I swear...I sweat more now than I ever have in my life! 

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  • Im glad im not the only one! thanks ladies! im gonna have to try some of these
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  • nope you're not alone! I've been wearing scarfs with my lower cut tops to work so i don't gross people out! My back actually hurts when i scratch it :( I'm going to try cetaphil since thats what i read a lot of women are using. 
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