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Last night I got sprung upon us plans with my parents for Sunday which I wasn't aware of and was told by my dad that he told me about it long ago (text message he apparently sent out that I have never received). Then today my brother starts throwing a hissy fit about it all that we never go up to his house, we're always at my parents ( long story short, he only visits anyone when it's convenient for him). Then to top a long day of work and family drama off, I get a bill from our clinic for the entire amount of any bloodwork I've had done since BFP! I was aware that was all covered by insurance, but of course any customer are place is closed since it's after 5 pm and that just set me off. I'm sitting here waiting for DH to get home from work and am blubbering like an idiot. 

Ok, vent over...  *breath* 

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Re: Hormonal

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    I got a bill for bloodwork, but it was just because the bloodlab hadn't received my insurance info from my OB office.  All I had to do was let them know which insurance to bill and it got taken care of.  Try not to think about the lab bill until you are sure the insurance has been billed, and you have received an explanation of benefits. 
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    I got a bill for my entire first appt. Not the consultation, but the first u/s and tests! I also just got charged the rest of the co-pay, 5 months after I went and asked about it! I went in fully expecting to pay the whole thing but she said it was only half that day and everything after my "Congrats consult" would be itemized into a big bill. I only had a half co-pay that day, we talked for 15 minutes on why too! Now in May I get called out that I still owe! Grr...
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