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Cute Girl Names that go with Hudson

And Go!! I posted girls names a while ago and they were "poo pooed" which I don't blame anyone for. Our boys names are a lot stronger than our girls list. I don't really like super traditional names or super mentioned names IRL or on this board like Caroline, Cora, Nora, Aubreys etc. Would love to have my eyes opened a bit - baby name books are a little overwhelming. 

Big brother to this LO is Hudson Thomas. I'd like it to go well with his name.

We're Team Green and have a couple top contenders for boys already. 

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Re: Cute Girl Names that go with Hudson

  • I am really not a fan of traditional names either. Here is a list of girls names I like that might fit.

    Ayla, Kya/Kaia, Kyla, Kena, Mila, Noella, Marina, Laney, Hadley, Lyla/Lila

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  • Hudson and Holly would be such a cute sibset. I also love Carissa, Calla (Callie), Azalea. 

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  • I don't remember your girls list that people didn't like, so just going on names that you DON'T like and nothing that you do, I'll suggest:

    Lena, Maren, Ruby, Rhiannon, Nadia, Danica, Talia, Tess, Willa, Brynn, Audrina, Mila, Teagan, Delilah, Rowena, Saige, Amara, Phoebe, Ainsley, Tatum, Tamsin, Mariah, Nola, Roslyn, Maura, Brenna. 

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  • Taylor, Sydney, Brooke, Paige
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  • Hudson and Amalia 

    Hudson and Brynn (I like that they both end in "n.")

    Hudson and Eliza

    Hudson and Fiona 

    Hudson and Juliet

    Hudson and Lauren (Again, they both end in "n.")

    Hudson and Leighton (end in "n") -- This might be my fave.

    Hudson and Sadie (I like the strong "d" sound in both.)

    Hudson and Samara

    Hudson and Scarlett

    Hudson and Violet

    Hudson and Vivian (end in "n")

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  • I'm not sure if these count as super traditional, but I think they are more uncommon so I'm giving you some from my list that my DH vetoed. :)

    Annaliese, Juliette, Madelyn, Alexis, Lilianna or Lily, Layla, Lydia, Brielle, Claire, Zoey...and I know some people will cringe at this but I'm guilty of liking Addison, Madison, and Isabella...

    Good luck finding something you both like :)

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  • Just adding that I really like PPs previous suggestion of Leighton. Very cute with Hudson!

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  • Harper, Jane, Avery, Isla, Morgan, Taylor, Casey.
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  • Blair




    Lynlee (this is a GP of mine)

    I love the pp suggestion of Leighton (it's our choice for a girl)  

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  • mick64mick64 member
    We have a Hudson too and girl names on our list include Clara, Felicity, Fiona, Adeline, and Adelaide.
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