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I forgot my anniversary

Umm..  With 2 sick kids I totally forgot until I got a facebook message wishing me a happy anniversary. 

I am going to have to make DH a card with construction paper and crayons.

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Re: I forgot my anniversary

  • I think he will understand! :)



  • Oh no!


    At least you have a good reason for it.


    I guess you can't do this, but I forgot when I was pregnant with my first child and going through kidney disease--I told him I left his present and card at work and then on my lunch the next day got him something!


    I felt AWFUL!


    But, I'm sure your DH would find it very cute to have a homemade card :)

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  • I would totally do that too! Just point to DD & DS and say "happy anniversary, these are your presents"
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  • I'm sure he will understand and handmade cards are the best kind anyway. 
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  • It's not like you haven't had anything else going on Stick out tongue  Hopefully he will understand.
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  • Don't feel bad.  I didn't remember to get a card or gift for DH and my 2nd anniversary (in April) since we were very busy moving into a new house as well as preparing for this LO.  He didn't remember either, so I didn't sweat it!  We did go out for a nice dinner together though.  I told him just being with him on our special day meant more than a card with a poem in it!  He agreed.
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