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It feels like this baby girl has had hiccups since I woke up this morning! Every once in a while she will move like regular, but about every 10 seconds she jumps. It's quite entertaining. DH got to feel it this morning. He didn't believe me at first that LO's can get hiccups in the womb, but after a few minutes of his hand on my belly he believed me. lol!

I am loving being pregnant. I could do without the sciatica, the headaches, the hip pain, and the back pain, but over all I know it's worth it. I'm incubating a baby! My body is amazing. Big Smile

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Re: Hiccups!

  • Awesome! I keep waiting to hopefully feel this, but I haven't at all. My friend is almost 34 weeks and she said she's never felt her daughter have them at all, so I guess it's a lucky thing to feel! :)
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  • stf3814stf3814 member

    I love this as well.  My baby boy had them two nights ago and again this morning.  They are definitely distinguishable from just regular movement because they are rhythmic.  I always stop what I'm doing and watch my belly when he starts moving around.

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  •  I just feel moving period, how can I tell if it's a hiccup v. regular movements?
  • This baby has had a LOT of hiccups the past few days. Movement was sporadic up until a week ago; now, I feel him moving all the time. Still feels weird!

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  • imageCincy/Toronto:
     I just feel moving period, how can I tell if it's a hiccup v. regular movements?

    They'll be rhythmic vs. irregular. If it feels like baby is tapping out a beat on your uterus, she's got the hiccups.

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