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Best pool device for toddlers?

We are hoping that Sydney will be more excited about the swimming pool and beach this year - we're heading to the Outer Banks in a few weeks and our house has a pool, plus obviously we will be going to the ocean. 


Whats the best flotation device for her to use at the pool? I've heard of puddle jumpers but really have no idea what one is. I used a "bubble" when I was a little kid, do people still use those?

 Links are welcome! Thank you 

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Re: Best pool device for toddlers?

  • We have a puddle jumper - its basically a life vest, but it has a special feature to make sure it keeps her head up.

    Do you have water shoes for her too?  That alwasy seems to help at the beach.

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  • I just picked up the puddle jumper from Target last weekend for A and it was only $19.99. We plan to use it this weekend (if the pool is warm).



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  • We have a little raft fo her and I also found a neat little chair for toddlers--it surrounds them with a floatation ring and lets them paddle around without much difficulty.


    I did get the little arm floatie things for later, but I think we're sticking with the chair for now.

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  • Ok I ordered a puddle jumper from target. It's purple and has a giraffe on it, which is one of her favorite animals, so I had to get it.

    Water shoes are a good idea - she definitely has shoes she can wear in the water (crocs-type shoes) but not actual water shoes. I will check into those. 

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