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Any ideas for "end of school year" gifts for teachers/therapists?

I feel like with all they do for DS1 that I should get a little something for the end of the school year.  And I know they will be his teachers/therapists for the fall school year.  I was even thinking of getting the bus driver and her aide something since I know he's a handful on there as well.  I just have no clue what and don't want to spend a ton since we don't have a ton.

Any ideas/recs?  Anything special you plan on doing? 


Re: Any ideas for "end of school year" gifts for teachers/therapists?

  • If you search Pinterest for teacher gifts, you will find a ton of inexpensive ones.  Small gift cards (if they drink coffee--Starbucks, redbox, etc.) are easy.  Hand sanitizers are popular.  Most teachers/therapists have to wear badges so badge clips or lanyards.  Stay away from soaps and candles--it is the "coffee mug" of this generation.  The only exception is if you know they really like a certain product (like my para and I love BBW antibacterial soap so we would LOVE that). 

    Seriously though, check out pinterest...MILLIONS of inexpensive ideas!

  • I did a fancy cupcake for each of them from this amazing bakery and then a handwritten card.  The cards had Quinn's picture on the front and he signed his own name on the inside.
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  • The best gift I got as a special education teacher was a gift card for a massage.  We had a massage therapy school so the gift card only cost her around $20.  You can also check out Living Social or Groupon to see if they have any cheap spa packages.  Even my male para loved it :)  Last year, our son painted ceramic coasters for his teachers and I gave them each a Starbucks gift card.  It was personal and useful.  His teachers still use them.

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  • I'm probably going to do some baking, either breakfast breads or coffee cake kind of stuff. And thank-you notes from me and DD1. 



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  • My mom made 7 plastic canvas apple pencil/pen holders. I asked her if she could give me the pattern so I could make them. In the end, I did not have time to make them because I got back to work in February and I did not want to get in trouble for doing them at work.

    I filled them up with candy and tied it with saran wrap and yarn. We did thank you cards at the last minute.

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  • I always do gift cards-- that way, they can get what they'd like.  I have done Panera & Barnes and Noble.
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  • And I'll be doing what auntie suggested as well. I'm very glad we'll have another year of preschool with our current team.  


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    image -auntie-:
    One nice thing about a letter of appreciation is that it can be protective against charges that a teacher isn't stepping up around another student's needs in the future. There are parents with unreasonable expectations who ascribe blame to teachers out of frustation and unhappiness with their child's issues. Nothing like that teacher having documentation of how proactive and engaged she was around another child with special needs.

    As a teacher, I have kept every letter that a student (I teach high school) has given me.  I keep them in my school bag for a bad teaching day.  I don't read them often, but just knowing they are there reminds me that some kids appreciate what I do.  That lasts a lot longer than any other gift.

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  • i enjoy gifting my son's teachers and aides as a thank you.  they work very hard throughout the school year and a starbucks gift card is my way of saying thanks. i figure even if they don't drink coffee, they can still get food or juice there. i give them something for christmas and teacher's appreciation week (beginning of may). 
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