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Mount Sinai or Lenox Hill?

Any recommended docs from either? I will be moving to NYC late in my pregnancy and need someone flexible and easy to get comfortable with.

Re: Mount Sinai or Lenox Hill?

  • I see a midwife and she delivers at lenox hill.  her name is elizabeth stein.  212-685-3232
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  • Chen and Morgan were my doctors at Mt Sinai. There are 4 doctors in the practice and they're all super nice and professional and always made me feel comfortable and secure. Their office is on the west side:


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  • I second Dr. Michelle Morgan at West Side OB. She is fantastic and she delivers at Mt. Sinai. She is my gyno and has been for years. Unfortunately, I am a high-risk pregnancy so she won't be delivering my baby, but I would highly recommend her and cried when she told me I needed to see a high-risk ob because I wanted her to be the one to guide me through my pregnancy so badly. She, did however,  put me in touch with a great high-risk place: Maternal Fetal Medicine should you find yourself in need of that. They also deliver at Mt. Sinai.
  • I am going to a private practice with 4 doctors affiliated to Lenox Hill. I've been going there since the beginning of my pregnancy and I love them. This is my first pregnancy. Dr. Ida E. Schwab, MD is my doctor. Doctors can be called at any time and they have nurses that we can call at any time during the day and at night the doctors are available in case of anything. They are very accessible. I love their care. About Lenox Hill, so far every time I have to go to get a test done their stuff is wonderful. They also do the tours to the maternity floor on Sundays at 12noon. 

    OB/GYN Associates

    Obstetrics & Gynecology

    45 East 85th Street
    New York, NY 10028
    (212) 535-4611 
    Mon -Thu:  9:00 am-5:00 pm
    Fri :
    8:30 am-3:00 pm


  • Another vote for Chen and Morgan at Mt Sinai. All 4 doctors are wonderful. Dr. Chen delivered my baby last month. They are cheerful and open to discussing your birth goals. I had a doula and a medication free birth.


    Also the nurses at Mt Sinai were awesome!

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  • I'm 2 mos along -- I see Dr. Callipari at Mt. Sinai and he is awesome. He totally put me at ease. I haven't yet met the other docs. I'm actually sad because we may move away from nyc to be closer to family and I would have to find a new doc.
  • I gave birth two weeks ago at mount sinai it was good but lenox hill has more options like water birth the facility is bigger
  • I recently delivered my baby at Mt. Sinai in New York City in July 2012.  Since this was my first time in a hospital, I'm not sure if my experience was typical:  I had pre-registered at Mt. Sinai for my delivery and had paid a deposit.  In July, I was having contractions 3 minutes apart and about 45 seconds in duration when I went to the Mt. Sinai.  I went directly to the 2nd floor (where Labor and Delivery was), and they made me wait an  hour before anyone took my vitals or asked about my contractions.  It wasn't even a busy night, so I'm not sure what the one hour wait was for.

    After a one hour wait, a doctor checked me out, and Mt. Sinai admitted me and assigned me a delivery room.  My contractions were so painful that I requested an epidural, but I was told they had to run a platelet test first, which would take at least an hour.  My husband and I were pretty much left alone in the delivery room for that hour, and when the nurse popped back into my room, I was begging for the results of the platelet test.  Although she kept saying that she would check whether the platelet test results were ready, she took her time and was folding linens in my labor room (and not getting me the results).

    At the end of that hour, the baby started coming out of me, so I started yelling for the doctor or someone to come back in to the room because I was so scared; I had somehow dilated from 3 cm to 10 cm in one hour!  Since the baby was coming out, I had to deliver the baby without the epidural or any pain medication!  Afterwards the nurse said that she didn't realize I had dilated so quickly, so I must have been in such pain.

    Everything was ok in the end, but I wish that (1) I had been admitted to the hospital quicker, without the one hour wait, (2) the platelet test for the epidural had been done ahead of time, and (3) the doctors and nurses would not have ignored us for an hour.  I'm not sure if my experience was typical, but I hope it can help others that choose to deliver at Mt. Sinai.

  • I am also trying to decide between Mt. Sanai and LEnox Hill.
    I need to switch from my OB.
    So, I have decided to finalize a new hospital and then find a nice Ob that uses that hospital. What you ladies think? Is that a wrong approach?
    If you were happy with your Ob please share their contact info and your thoughts.
    Many thanks in advance
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