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Potty in the Potty!

I got ds to break his routine of pooping at the train table and got him to poop in the bathroom but in his pull up. En Friday he pooped in the potty. Today he pooped in the potty at school! Ten he was so pleased about the prizes and treats he got he decoded to spend a long time on the potty after school trying like heck and finally managing a pebble of poop- I let him choose another prize. Then two hours later he wanted to try again for another prize, needless to say he couldn't manage anymore poop but is excited that tomorrow is another day and the potty will be right where he left it. He even tried to poop at my mom's house. Yay!
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Re: Potty in the Potty!

  • "poo-pee in the pot-tay!" Let's do the poopee dance!

    LOL at "pebble of poop"

    WAY 2 Cool 4 School

  • Sorry for the crap typing. I'm gymnastic nursing and using an iPad.
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  • Lol at the pot-Tay! This would have been a good time to ask for a puppy, seriously. As it is told him when he keeps clean and dry for three days we will go to Mickey's house (Disneyland). And the next time he poops he is going to earn a trip to lego and with daddy (who has been Mia bc it is finals week at law school and work o's also crazy). Funny enough he chose dinner out with my parents as his first prize (he also got a "lollipop party and to open a new car) and chose an ice cream party (mommy and ds eating ice cream and singing songs with hats on) next. I would have chosen Legoland first.
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  • CONGRATS! That is so awesome!
  • Today must be a special day for pooping in the potty!!  My DS did for the first time as well.  I got all excited and then told him he could have 2 cheetos, the promised prize for pooping, and he said "2 cheetos, 3 cheetos, 4 cheetos, no 5 cheetos"  Needless to say I gave him a little bowl filled with them!  He then tried to go again just get more cheetos.

    Congrats :)

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