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needing encouraging words...especially frm LPN/RN bumpers

hello i am 25 weeks today and I feel like I've been hit with the Cry and Sensitivity machine. Yesterday was a good day, I worked but it was good. I posted on my FB wall that I was not going to feel bad about my whining about my pregnancy and someone made a comment saying "Your already thinking about baby #2?!" The person who made the comment is in my husband's cohort. She knows the struggles (finacially) of married couples on internship and so I took the comment neg. All last night I cried about how people may think of our (my husband and my) siuation (me being pregnant, husband and I are away from family on his internship, we and low money). Then I started thinking of my education...

I am an LPN with a bachelor degree in General Studies with 60+ hours towards Health education. After my hubby internship we decided that It will be MY turn to further my education as far as going to get my BSN. When looking at where my hubs will be doing his post-doc we will be in a small city with 3 universities only 2 offer nursing programs and 1 us SUPER DUPER competitive (side note: I partied all through college and decided to take school serious when I got my LPN).

Getting to the point... Im just feeling discourged that It will take me forever for my to go back to school. Im 27 and i feel like by the time i graduate i'll be 50 with no more life to live. Im upset and slightly jealous that my hubs is living his educational DREAMS and im sitting in second place with my Dreams. I need some encouraging words...

Re: needing encouraging words...especially frm LPN/RN bumpers

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    Have you looked at online programs? Or branch programs that take you all the way to MSN since you have a bachelor degree already?

    Don't let time be your enemy. It is okay if it takes you 5,8, or 10 years. Once you have finished you will not regret it.

    After the baby is here, you can sort through your next step. For now, enjoy your pregnancy and the arrival of your baby and try to not worry about comments from others. Think about where you want to be in 10 years and then make it happen!!

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    thanks for the encouraging words. 

    My Hubs field is in clinical psychology. A post doc -unfortunately- required for his license. BUT the one he did find offers 83k/yr so we hit the jackpot and will start that early next year. 

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    Don't get discouraged I was supposed to start my LPN program this past January while working full time but found out I'm pregnant so at 32 I had to put it aside again but regardless of my age I will eventually do my Lpn and the. Lpn to RN 
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    I know exactly what you are going through. I had a year left of  my bachelors when my H was relocated across the country so I had to leave my awesome University on the West and move to the middle of nowhere in North Carolina. There are community colleges galore here but the closest university is 3 hours away (that I would actually like to attend) I was just about to start my RN program here but now I have to give up my seat because they aren't going to let me take a week off for my due date. I feel like my whole life is being put on hold so I have resorted to finishing up my original bachelors through an online program offered by a pretty decent university. I just keep on reminding myself that I have all the time on the world and some people don't even start their dream career till later in life. My Mom finally landed the position she wanted as a L&D nurse when she was 33.
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    I know this is hard, but you can do it. Once the baby is here, things will calm down eventually and you'll be able to do school. I had a friend give birth part way through our masters degrees and she came back and finished right along with us. Some people handle it very well. I have gone back and gotten a single subject math credential since having my son. It is difficult to juggle baby and school, but possible, especially with a support system of friends or family (our families live 6 hours away so not tons of physical support, but great for cheerleading) Will it be easy? Probably not, but so much of life isn't. You can and will get through the program. If it takes a little longer, it takes longer. You can do this!!
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