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Is it bad that...

I immediately vetoed the only name DH threw out?  We're having a girl and he asked me about the name Jordan.  I'm totally fine with the cross-gender names, but I can't do Jordan.  I guess it doesn't help that I know a Jordan (who was actually one of our wedding photographers) and a few Jordanas. 

Re: Is it bad that...

  • I don't think it's bad. If you have your reason, you have your reason. Just make sure that you don't get too upset if you throw a name out there and he does the same thing! That's why it's a collaborative effort. You need to make the decision together.
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  • We've already done this once I know what to expect from him.  He is SUPER opinionated about different names.  Luckily we have a name (first and middle) that we already agree on.  We're just throwing other names around to see if there's one we like better.
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  • If you don't like the name, there's nothing wrong with that. Me and DH agreen on names really fast, because we wanted our LO to be named after family, but everyone is different.

    Maybe try this: Have your DH write down all the names that he likes, and you do the same. Swap lists, and rate your 5 favorite from his list, and he rates yours. Then compare notes, and see which names you both like the most. Maybe this will help you guys come to a compromise. A friend of a friend did this when they couldn't decide, and it helped them out a bunch.

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