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K/U with my 3rd, hello bumpies

I'll make my siggy soon, I swear it. I'm pregnant w/ my third, 8 weeks 1 day. :) We were absolutely shocked to find out last week that we were pregnant, we'd decided due to a lot of changes (DH changed jobs, insurance changing, thinknig of going back to school) we would wait at least another 2 years before trying. Was about to get back on the BCP when hello BFP!

I am nervous this time around, bc the blood test showed low progesterone; but the u/s showed a big beating heart so I'm cautiously optimistic, just not announcing it beyond fam and close friends right now in case. My oldest DD is 5, she's beyond excited to have another sister or brother. My younger DD is going to be 2 this weekend so she has no clue. ;)

I'm sick as a dog just like my other pregnancies, and hoping to commiserate w/ some of you during these next 7 months. 

H&H 9 months to everyone!

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Re: K/U with my 3rd, hello bumpies

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    Welcome and congrats!  H&H 9 months to you too!
    TTC #2 since 2/2010 DX PCOS BFP #1 4/1/08, DD born 12/5/08 BFP #2 2/3/12, m/c 2/14/12 BFP #3 4/27/12 EDD 12/31/12 Hoping for a sticky baby! Lilypie Pregnancy tickers Lilypie Fourth Birthday tickers Minus the shed, perfect pic web
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