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Hey everyone,

My husband's LES statements have been pretty wacky lately. They are only showing his name, the bank, and how much is to be deposited. I wanted to look at his sub pay but his LES didn't have his earnings listed, deductions, or taxes so I went to the website that shows a list of sub pays.

I noticed that sub pay for an E-6 and below drops from 8 years to 10 years. I think it drops over $200 for an E-6. I don't need to worry about that now but it perked my interest. Anyone know why it does that?


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Re: Sub Pay

  • Usually incentives like that drop after a certain point because the military member has likely hit their career mark. Meaning, they are generally around 10 years so likely to remain in the military despite the loss of monetary incentives to keep them enlisted. 

    Also, if a person is over 8-10 years and, say, an E-4 then they are not likely the primary target to retain. 

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  • I think I answered my own questions after I wrote this. I didn't realize sub pay was without your shore du years. Oops. 
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