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Lots of kids or no kids

Young babies who don't crawl/walk yet aside, did you have kids at your shower?  What did you do to keep them entertained if so?  

Re: Lots of kids or no kids

  • I would find it very odd to see kids at a shower.  Around here, they're specifically adult events.

    That said, I don't know why your choices would be "lots or none."  Just like a wedding, or a barbecue, or whatever, inviting two kids you're close to doesn't mean you "have to" invite 15.

  • That's a tricky one. I say leave it to the parents to keep their kids behaved/entertained if they MUST bring them. You could consider providing coloring books/crayons or bubbles, something cheap like that. Ultimately, the party isn't for the kids, it's for you.

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    No, I didn't.  It was mostly family and older women actually.  It was held in my hometown, and most of my friends my age have moved out of the area.  I don't think I'd want a shower with kids present, unless it was a casual co-ed event.
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    I am going to have some kids at my shower. My shower theme is baby birds so my sister got all the kids that are going to be there little wooden bird houses and markets and stickers so that they can decorate. We are also going to have a play mat there where they can play with cars and trains and things.


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  • My shower was in a church basement and there were 5 or 6 kids (between ages 2 and 8). I say betwee 5 and 6 because I really didn't notice they were there. They weren't particularily loud or running around and their parents were in charge of making sure they were entertained and behaved. I based my decision on the kids that could be coming. If the shower had been with DHs family I would have asked for no kids because his cousins kids are miserable. I trusted my friends to be able to rein in their kids and had never had an issue with them at previous functions so I didn't have a problem having them at my shower.
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  • The last three I have been too there was kids and whoeevr brought them just kept them entertained. They weren't really in the way and colored at a corner table.

    There was also a newborn at one of them and I felt like it kind of took away from the mom to be and her big day. But idk that's two different showers and two diff families so I geuss it depends.

  • I personally don't like kids at showers.  I've seen them at their best (playing hand held video games, etc) and their worst (dipping carrots sticks in dip, licking it off and putting the carrot back on the platter).  If you KNOW the mothers will monitor their children then go for it.  A lot of women (me included) enjoy getting away from the little ones for a couple of hours.

    To the PP who mentioned a newborn "taking away" from the MTB...that is just ridiculous.  You expect someone to come to a shower who has a newborn (especially a breastfed infant) and leave the baby at home?   The MTB will be in the spotlight.  Now, if there are older kids there (4-5-6 yr olds) then the MTB's spotlight might be diminished since they will want to be the ones opening gifts and it is almost impossible to get them to make them sit through the whole gift opening. 

    To the PP who mentioned kids decorating a bird house...do you really think that is going to entertain them for 2-3 hours?  Do you have kids?  In my opinion that is not realistic.

  • I would think it would be normal for kids to be at a shower IMO.

    I had my nieces and friends kids at mine. The little ones we entertained them by having them pass gifts to be opened or each opening one gift. The older ones read the cards or re-stacked the gifts. Just simple stuff to make them feel included. And some of the games the older kids played those as well.  And we had two games that were specifically for the younger kids so that they all felt included through the event.

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  • Personally, I don't want kids at my shower, but it'll happen.  It's what YOU want.  Unless the shower is a surprise and you're not supposed to know about it, I'd put your 2 cents in if you don't them.  Don't expect them to be entertained...especially younger kids, they get bored easily.
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