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Tried the Blue Dawn and White Vinegar (NBR)

Thanks for all of the cleaning product suggestions the other day!!  I tried mixing equal parts blue Dawn and white vinegar, sprayed it on my tub, let it sit overnight, and voila! After wiping it down this morning with a wet washcloth (barely any pressure to scrub at all), the tub looks AMAZING!!  Seriously, it hasn't looked this good since we moved in 4 years ago!

My new problem is that the shower walls are white tile, and now the grout seems to be tinted blue from the Dawn.  Maybe I wasn't supposed to spray the wall?  :/

Also, while the mixture completely obliterated the soap scum/dirt, it did not get rid of the black mildew that has admittedly accumulated in one corner of our shower.  Embarrassed  I feel like I've tried everything, but I'm still looking for something that will be successful there.

Re: Tried the Blue Dawn and White Vinegar (NBR)

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    milescmilesc member

    I always use The Works tub and shower cleaner. You can find it at Dollar General for $1. Not sure if it will help in your situation, but couldn't hurt!


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    For my general cleaning I usually use the scrubbing bubbles stuff.

    Magic erasers also work wonders... and for in the corners I usually use a tooth brush to really get in there.

    Maybe try a toothbrush and bleach?   

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    We have white grout too and I've sprayed the walls before... I noticed a subtle blue tint, but after a few showers it went away!
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    cvl105cvl105 member
    Have you tried the magic eraser?? They are the most amazing invention ever. Seriously. You will be amazed.
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    I use Clorox bleach shower spray or if you can find it X14. I spray it on and leave it for 10 min, rinse and the black melts away. The smell is horrible bleach but it does the trick.
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    Definitely try the magic eraser if you haven't already! Works great!
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    cmreadcmread member
    Thanks everyone.  Yes, I LOVE the Magic Eraser.  Amazing.  The Dawn/vinegar worked even better and was easier for the tub though - I couldn't believe it.  I will try a toothbrush with bleach on the corners.  I determined to get it off!
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